Guards exercises goal in football

Guards exercises goal in football


  • 1 goalkeeper in football
  • 2 exercises Goalkeeper 2.1 exercise movement inside the penalty area 2.2 exercise to pounce on the ball 2.3 exercise ball control 2.4 Exercise move with the ball 2.5 Exercise repel the ball while sitting 2.6 Exercise repel high balls
  • 2.1 exercise movement inside the penalty area
  • 2.2 exercise to pounce on the ball
  • 2.3 exercise ball control
  • 2.4 Exercise move with the ball
  • 2.5 Exercise repel the ball while sitting
  • 2.6 Exercise repel high balls
  • 3 exercises the difference between the goalkeeper and the player exercises normal
  • 4 References

Goalkeeper football

The home keeper knows in football as a player whose main task in the game to prevent the ball from entering your goal for his team, [1] The goalie last line of defense for the team in the football stadium and the goalkeeper special rules and laws by different laws that players control the rest of the centers; As it may, the goalkeeper touched the ball with his hand during his presence in the penalty area for his team on the pitch. [2]

Must have a player goal guarding the center of some of the skills important in football, from which his ability to deal well with flying balls to the goal, whether difficult or easy, as he must be able to be concentrated in a convenient location so that it can keep the balls from his own goal and follow-up of play and place the ball, as well as its ability to pass the balls properly to his team mates and his ability to communicate well with them, as it should be in front of the goal to be able to control his temper and not influenced by any goal received and try to continue to perform his duty as best as possible. [ 2]

Goalkeeper exercises

Train movement inside the penalty area

Good goalkeeper needs to be able to move quickly in the penalty area for him; And always to be able to take the best position and that there is appropriate in the best possible place in the penalty area, can do these exercises by putting some plastic cones in the penalty area and then another person asking the guard to touch one of these cones; Where he must guard to run quickly to touch this cone and then quickly returns to its place, and is recommended to change the distribution of cones in the penalty area to increase the challenge in this exercise. [3]

Train to pounce on the ball

Skill to pounce on the ball and prevent it from entering the goal of the most important skills that should be considered to be owned by the keeper, and you need this skill to the quick reaction and high speed mobility for the goal keeper, can do exercises to jump or what is known as exercises diving through standing guard on the toes with the constant movement of his feet; So as to obtain a greater chance to reach the ball during the dive or jump on the ball, and then the balls are paid by one person to the goal; Where should the goalkeeper to bend the knee foot hand shot and then jump to that side and try to catch the ball or push it away from the goal, then the guard back to stand his place quickly to be ready to receive another shot by the person who is chipping the ball on it. [4 ]

Exercise ball control

Is this exercise to tear the guard on the pitch and well control the ball and keep her, you can do this exercise through ball put on almost 30 cm from outside a goalposts and then stand in the middle of the goal, and then jump quickly off the ball with a sliding process Earth after almost meters from the ball and then catch the ball with both hands and pulled into the chest area, and can use smaller balls of football to increase the difficulty of this exercise. [3]

Move with an exercise ball

Requires doing this exercise there are several other players along with goalkeeper, preferably numbering five players, and is the exercise in the keeper standing in front of his own goal and then these players pass the ball among themselves inside the penalty area, and then one of them chipping the ball on the goal suddenly , and the guard should be alert to move quickly with the ball movement and whereabouts with any of the five players, and so that it can repel the ball away from the goal when one of these players for payment. [5]

Exercise repel the ball while sitting

The goalkeeper in this exercise, sit in front of the goal and then one of the other players roll the ball and throw it to one side of the net; Where the guard must move from a sitting position to jump on Maken and the presence of the ball and keep her and enclosed in the body before entering and crossed the goal line, and is recommended to repeat this exercise for at least twenty times. [3]

Exercise repel high balls

The goalkeeper must be able to deal with high balls and away from its goal, and can do this type of exercise by putting a cone at a certain distance from the goal line, and then the keeper to go around the cone to start the exercise, and upon arrival to the player the team of trying to lift the ball over the head of the guard in order to be entered into the net and must guard at that moment to return quickly to his goal to try to repel the ball and blocking its entry into the goal. [6]

The difference between the goal and guard exercises between the normal player exercises

Rules that guard the center of the goal from the other rules that football players other controllers differ; As the goalkeeper is the only player allowed to touch the ball with his hands inside the penalty area, it is not limited to the different goalie center for the rest of the players centers on the pitch in only those rules; As the skills that must be mastered by different goalkeepers skills that must be mastered by any other player. [2]

Can be the goalkeeper in his training it does not need a large development of the skills needed by the average player skill shot and dribbling and other basic skills for the average player, [2] While you should exercise football guard is based on the development of many different skills; Act as a rapid and appropriate, focus on coordination between the hand and the eye, in addition to the ability to move quickly, jump, and the ability to read the positioning of the players of the opposing team, and other skills. [7]

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