Grilling Tools

Grilling Tools


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  • 2 networks barbecuing
  • 3 brush grill scraper
  • 4 Thermometer
  • 5 gloves
  • 6 Grill
  • 7 materials Ignition
  • 8 Safety Tools
  • 9 Additional Tools
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Grilling tweezers

Use tweezers to turn barbecuing meat over the grill, or even flipping coal is distributed well in the grill, and are advised to buy good quality ones, so that a person of good constipation to move the hot material. [1]

Clasped barbecuing

Shabak is the part that is placed over the grill of the necessary tools during barbecuing; Because it can put more than one piece of food, which reduces the time of barbecue, and avoid burned, as the Shabak is ideal for Shui sensitive food items such as fish. [1]

Brush grill scraper

Shabak existing needs in the grill to a special tool to clean, such as the brush abrasive made of metal coil withstand high temperatures, which facilitates the process of transition from Shui meat types, cleaning clamp during it. [2]


It uses your meat thermometer; To ensure that the meat is flat as required during barbecuing, and keeps the hands from exposure to combustion due to the continuous examination of the maturity of the flesh; So one of the important tools barbecuing in spite of its price dear. [2]


The person who Ishvi to special tools for personal safety even need not be exposed to fire, such as protective gloves of heat, tweezers raise food for the grill, and brush fat Altaatbellat, all these pious tools hands from exposure to fire and facilitate the barbecue process. [2]


Types of grills vary grills mismatch coal, gas grills; Which is the best for several reasons, including the way Flaring easy, and can be installed and decoding gas easily, and does not require a lot of chaos like a charcoal grill, as they provide a degree of appropriate Shui heat, easy to control without the taste of barbecue filled with the smell of charcoal. [2]

Ignition materials

You need grills that run on gas availability of gas jar which, while barbecue charcoal need to cut coal and some of the leaves to help ignite the coal, can put a metal tube or the so-called chimney ignition to help ignite the fire in the grill without the need for a lot of paperwork or fuel. [3]

safety tools

There are other tools that help during the barbecuing; For cooked foods excellently, while keeping the person safe, such as water sprayer, which reduces heat during roasting, and extinguish the flame so as not to burn the flesh and remains full of juicy, fire extinguisher, and a flat spoon to stir the meat. [4]

Additional tools

Can provide some materials that facilitate the barbecue process, such as tin sheets that protect against fire foods such as fish, vegetables, kitchen paper wipes to clean and wipe fat sauces, waste basket next to the grill to throw waste in it. [3]


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