Governance and the most beautiful words

Governance and the most beautiful words

I knew a lot of times through judgment and words that people circulation because of the position or a particular incident, and contain this judgment on the experience and expertise of the task, and in this article we will mention some of them.

The most beautiful words and judgment

  • Who does not triumph over himself will not triumph over the other, Valmhezwm himself from the defeated enemy before they defeat him. (A. D. Nasser al-Omar)
  • We have many problems unresolved can only be solved by excuses and mutual respect, and the nature of the respected people Jaddaonhm give respect to those who deserve and those who do not deserve. (D. Abdul Karim Bakar)
  • We have learned in school and that we are small empty spike raises its head in the field, and filled with wheat lower it, there is only a great humble, not arrogant, but vile. (Tantawi)
  • On each one of the scholars to improve his brother and probably holds the best bearings and that goes against the opinion unless it is clear from the violator deliberate violation of the right. (Ibn Baz)
  • Of the evils of this civilization it is called fraud intelligence, freedom and decadence, immorality and art, and the exploitation of aid. (Mustafa Sibai)
  • These evils in our society that has not spread in the day and night, but spread because one did, and one silent, and are partners in making this evil. (D. Abdul Wahab Trere)
  • Never and trust in man, or give the safety of the snake, and say beware difficult to forget, so make yourself a rock of granite.

Advice from days smacks

  • Do not challenge someone who has nothing to lose.
  • Who goes to a feast wolf, it must be accompanied by his dog with him.
  • Of making known in his family is not Hamda invective it and regret.
  • Blame not Mufha Here's a secret and you have fed Bmak breaststroke.

What was said in women and men

  • Women's long hair short mind ... (such as English).
  • Beautiful women's long and the slave always find a nail in the road (such as English).
  • Stabbed his wife stabbed in his honor (such as Scottish).
  • Do not tune your husband seven years ago (such as Ukrainian).
  • If you do not obey your mother Vsttia father's wife's (such as the builder).
  • Women overcome the devil (such as Irish).
  • Satan's enough for ten hours to deceive men and women enough for one hour to fool ten demons (such as German).
  • He married a woman of love lived worried (such as Spanish).
  • Beautiful women need three pairs: one to pay their debts, and one to love him, and one to beat her (such as Slovak).
  • The concerns of a great man and the greatest parting woman who loves.


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