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  • 1 search engine Google
  • 2 Google Inc. 2.1 and the beginning of incorporation 2.2 change management 2.3 Market Value 2.4 development and expansion 2.5 ads 2.6 services and products
  • 2.1 and the beginning of incorporation
  • 2.2 change management
  • 2.3 Market Value
  • 2.4 development and expansion
  • 2.5 ads
  • 2.6 services and products
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Google search engine

Google (in English: Google) is a search engine to find files on the web created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1996 as a research project at Stanford University, and was formerly called the name of Buck Lord (in English: BackRub), but Brin and Page decided to later change the name to Google inspired the term googol (in English: googol), which means the number 10 raised to the power of 100. [1] [2]

The idea of ​​extracting information from data accumulated on the Internet both Brin and Page, to create a new type of search technology, and the key is to take advantage of the capabilities of classification (in English: ranking) Internet users by tracking links (Balangelzah: links) backup for each site, a the number of other pages associated with it. [3]

Most other search engines displays a list of web sites arranged by the number of impressions of the word search, but Brin and Bjeet integrated search function with the number of links for each Web site (in English: website); That is the website that contains thousands of links will be more valuable than the site that contains a small number of links, and will put the search engine site many links in the list of possibilities, and it will be the pages associated with the site of many links vote (in English: vote) higher than the pages associated with a site A few links. [3]

Google Inc.

Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998, a subsidiary of Alfa House Company (in English: Alphabet Inc), based in Mountain View in California. [3]

Google began as a Web search deal with more than 70% of search requests online all over the world, and has become now offers more than 50 Internet service in addition to the various products; Such as e-mail, known as Gmail (English: Gmail), and create documents online, to the programs of mobile phones and tablet devices, and acquired Google Inc., Motorola Inc. (English: Motorola Mobility) in 2012, opening its field in the market selling electronic devices such as phones portable. [3]

The company Google is now one of the four major companies affecting the technology market, as well as Apple's (English: Apple), and IBM (in English: IBM), and Microsoft (English: Microsoft), due to the size of its services spread, and despite this number of massive products, but the Google search engine remains the basis of its success. in 2016 Olfabit company achieved almost all their profits by advertising based on users' search. [3]

And the beginning of incorporation

In mid-1998, Brin and Bjeet received funding externally from adding investors to the family and friends arrived at about $ million, and set up shop in Menlo Park, California under the Google name, and by mid-1999 received a Google new funding for capital investment of $ 25 million, and it was Google 500,000 deals with the search request in the day. [3]

Change management

The explosive growth of Google Inc. led to problems in the internal management, as investors felt that the company needs a manager experienced, so named Eric Schmidt, who has a PhD in computer chairman and chief executive of the company in 2001. Science, and served Schmidt similar positions earlier in the Novell (English: Novell inc) software, and during the presidency of Schmidt as CEO (English: CEO), fill the Beige post of president of products (English: president of products), and was Brin president of technology (English: president of technology), triple the company and managed the triple authority until 2011, where Paige took over the role of the Executive Director and became Chief Executive Officer Schmidt, Brin and adopted the title of director of special projects. [3]

Market value

Collect initial public offering (English: IPO) of the company in 2004 amounted to $ 1.66 billion, and put this Google's founders in the ranks of the rich world, it has been sold stock in a public auction aims to equate ordinary investors with specialized investors in the financial sector, and has added Google to index Standard & Poor's (English: Standard and Poor's) in 2006, and in 2012 Google has become one of the largest non-American companies in the Dow Jones index (in English: Dow Jones) due to market value. [3]

Development and expansion

In Chehrogustus of the year 2015 Google Inc., the organization itself to become a subsidiary of re-Alfa Holding House (in English: Alphabet Inc), remained online search, advertising, applications, and maps, as well as for the operation of mobile phones Android system, video sharing site YouTube (English: YouTub ), under which Google Sundar Pichai became vice president of products which, its new CEO and president, and other companies have become Google; Such as calico Company (in English: Calico), Inc. NIST (English: Nest) household products, lab Google X Research (English: lab Google X), separate companies under the Alfa House, which Paige became executive director of her, and Brin chairman, Schmidt CEO . [3]


Directed profits Google massive company and popular search of its engine attention of advertisers to the Internet as a new market advertising, which led to a rapid growth in this area, where ads dropped American journalist from a peak of 64 billion dollars in 2000 to $ 20.7 billion in 2011, while grown World ads online from about $ 6 billion in 2000 to more than $ 72 billion in 2011. [3]

Spent Google large sums to secure large marketing benefits achieved through the Internet, where he spent the year 2003 amounted to $ 102 million for Applied Samanteks (in English: Applied Semantics), a manufacturer's service Adsense (in English: AdSense) to run different ads on your web pages sites Internet In 2006, Google also paid the same amount to the company de Mars Broadcasting (in English: dMarc Broadcasting) for online advertising, and in the same year announced that it would pay $ 900 million over three years and a half to sell copyright ads on mySpace (in English: MySpace). [3]

And Google bought in the company 2007 Double company Click (English: DoubleClick) for online advertising in the process of acquisition is the largest so far worth $ 3.1 billion, after two years as a result of the enormous growth of advertising in the mobile phone applications market held Google Inc., a deal worth $ 750 million to buy ad network Mobile Phone AdMob (in English: AdMob), and the purpose of these acquisitions to expand from research to advertising, by combining different data companies rules and customize ads by individual consumer preferences. [3]

Services and Products

Offers Google search engine in addition to the famous range of products and services for users, including: [1] [4]

  • Android operating system (in English: Android) smart phones.
  • Blogger site (in English: Blogger) the user to view and create a personal blog.
  • Free e-mail service Gmail (in English: Gmail).
  • Social networking site Google Plus (in English: + Google).
  • Google ads (in English: Google AdWords) that enables users to pay to advertise on the Google search engine and other Internet sites using Google Adsense (in English: Google AdSense).
  • Google Books (in English: Google Books), which contain hundreds of thousands of books that can be searched electronically.
  • Google Calendar (in English: Google Calendar) to organize and schedule events Omcharkh with others.
  • Google Cloud (English: Google Cloud) to store data and run applications in addition to keep backup copies of files.
  • Google Docs (in English: Google Docs) to open Microsoft Office documents (in English: Microsoft Office) and share them with other users connected to the Internet.
  • Google Drive (in English: Google Drive) to view documents and files, modify, and stored in the Google Cloud.
  • Google Earth (in English: Google Earth) to see almost everywhere in the world of satellite, get directions, find nearby shops and others.
  • Google App Store (in English: Google Play) to search for apps, books, movies, music and downloaded to devices that are running Onroyd.
  • SMS (text messages in English: Google SMS) to send text messages over the phone.
  • Google Translate (English: Google Translate) to translate different texts.
  • Google Wallet (English: Google Wallet) to send and receive money from other people.
  • YouTube (English: YouTube) to download and watch video clips.
  • Internet Browser Google Chrome (English: Google Chrome).


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