Glimpses of the history of the world

Glimpses of the history of the world


  • 1 collapse of the Berlin Wall
  • 2 First World War
  • 3 World War II
  • 4 References

The collapse of the Berlin Wall

Built the Berlin Wall in 1961; With a view to separating East Berlin from West Berlin, and the wall 155 kilometers long was, and remained present for a period of twenty-eight years, where his fall stage in 1989 began, and then the German reunification process in the third started from the month of October 1990, the official demolition of the wall has been in date of the thirteenth of the month of June of the same year, and in 1992 ended demolitions in whole, referred to the presence of parts of the Berlin wall is still present until the present time. [1]

First World War

First World War broke out between Germany and the Ottoman Empire, Austria and Hungary on the one hand, and the United States of America, France, Japan, Italy, Russia, and the United Kingdom on the other hand, which lasted between 1914-1918, this war is a watershed event in the century XX, where the killing of soldiers, more than 9 million, and defeated four great nations, namely: Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey, as the Bolshevik Revolution appeared in Russia, influenced by European society, and paved the way for World war II. [2] [ 3]

World War II

World War II is one of the most powerful historical wars that took place between the Axis Powers, namely Germany, Italy, Japan, and countries Alhvae, namely: France, Great Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union and China, when Germany Nazi attacked Poland, has been involved more than thirty countries in this war, which lasted for six years from 1939-1945, and resulted in this war, the registration of forty to fifty million deaths, the war, making it the deadliest in history. [4] [5]

It was an end when the Allies control of Germany, Japan and victory over them in 1945, has resulted in a lot of results, including: the expansion of the Soviet Union the authority to include East Oaurerba countries, and to enable the communist movement, access to China, as the power shifted from the West to become Europe between the United States and the Soviet Union, what made them great powers in the world. [4] [5]


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