Girl recipes Gemini

Girl recipes Gemini


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  • 2.1 Gemini girl love
  • 2.2 Gemini girl and work
  • 2.3 Gemini girl and friendship
  • 2.4 Gemini girl Fashion
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Is the third tower of the astronomical towers, and runs from 21 May to 20 June, and is one of the wind towers, agate is a stone favorite, yellow color preferred. The advantage of many positives such as: intelligence, versatility, and daring, but its disadvantages are: moods and curious, tension, surface, nervousness, etc., and is compatible with the tower: The Lion, the Libra and Aquarius, and ran with the Tower: Cancer, Taurus and Pisces. [1 ]

Girl recipes Gemini

Gemini girl love

Gemini is a girl of romantic characters as it gives priority to this love, but tire quickly, where he asks her partner to have a distinctive character, nor do they fall in love quickly because they require sometimes impossible requests. [2]

It is also complex characters, so no one can know her thoughts, and the reason to the nature of the contradictory, they also like to know the exact and important details in the life of her partner, as it is trying with all its means to make him happy, but at the time itself is considered one of the characters moods, due to the large potential switch from cold to Ashqh obsessed with a woman and numbing in just a few minutes. [2]

Gemini girl and work

Women's Gemini love to work that allows her adventure and risk, as they hate routine work, so tire quickly of its work, in addition, they can influence others easily because of distinctive nature, and the best work by matching is acting, and the press. [2]

Gemini girl and friendship

Are considered friends and from inviting Almsilyen, as it gives an atmosphere of fun and joy to her friends, she is also sincere figures considerably, as they are trying in various ways their attention and question them. [2]

And is one of the characters SDPs tips and exhortations ,, In addition, it is considered good friends due to the possibility of consulted in many personal matters, and the reason is due to the nature's open. [2]

Gemini girl and fashion

Is one of the distinctive personalities that take into account the selection of her clothes accurately, as it gives you touch own them, and her clothes are characterized by gravity because of the bright colors and spectacular, in addition, it is one of the personalities who pay attention to accessories and bags are great. [1]

Recipes Gemini

Of the general qualities of Gemini as follows: [3]

  • Gemini born thinking quickly tower, and take things Bamomcitha, and checking the details, and never thinking fad than reality bring them into many problems.
  • There are pros and cons to Gemini, and features: that the baby boomers Khhma tower are characterized by intelligence and strength lies in the negatives impulsivity, and unresolved decisions.


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