Ginger drying method

Ginger drying method


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Ginger drying method

Ginger can be drying through the following steps: [1]

  • Ginger root wash in cold water; To remove dust and dirt.
  • Still the outer shell of the roots of ginger through the use of peeled potatoes.
  • Ginger roots cut into thin slices, by using a sharp knife or can be preached root using cheese grater.
  • Ginger slices or grated ginger on a single layer of butter paper.
  • Paper butter that contains ginger roots on the kitchen table are placed, or outside under the sun's rays, if were placed in a dry and sunny place should be stirred daily, depends dry ginger on the climate if it was sunny, it needs three days to a week to dry completely.
  • Ginger is stored in the portfolio of food Amadgozh air, and in a cool, dry and dark place, can also dry ginger stored as is, or crushed in a blender or food prepared in order to turn it into powder.

Note: You can dry ginger root, whether Makecra, or peeled, but the drying time increases to a few weeks if outdoors, and from one day to two days if the food dryer machine, can also be the root of the whole ginger stored in a paper bag compressed air in cool, dry and dark place.

Drying ginger dryer food

Dried ginger in food through the dryer put slices of ginger in a food dryer or in oven low heat; So that the temperature does not exceed 150 ° F, so you must check the ginger almost every half hour to make sure it does not burn; Where the drying needs in this way and 150 degrees to about an hour and a half to two hours, while drying dryer food depends a heat settings, when dried ginger should be removed from the oven or food dryer, and then left to cool down, and once cooled should check it again to make sure it dried up completely, it is important that ginger is dried completely before storing or milling to verify that they did not stock and any moisture which may cause mold, because the ginger slices dried great for making tea with ginger, and can be stored well in an airtight container closure for a period of 5 6 months. [2]

Benefits of Ginger

Benefits of Ginger: [3]

  • Ginger contains Gingerol (gingerol); They are useful medicinal properties of the material body; Which has anti-inflammatory properties and oxidation. Ginger can be used to help digestion, reduce nausea, which also helps to fight the flu, normal cold.
  • Ginger can be used Kphar root.
  • Relieve muscle pain and pain: studies have shown that Grameen consumption of ginger per day for a ten-day greatly helps relieve muscle pain among people who engage in aerobic exercise, and ginger no immediate effects shows but can gradually reduce muscle pain because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ginger Kmkhvv is used for pain such as menstrual pain; In a study of 150 women were instructions that eating one gram of ginger powder daily in the first three days of pain significantly reduces menstrual drugs and passive object ibuprofen ibuprofen.

Recipes Ginger

Of recipes that is added to Ginger: [4]

  • Fresh ginger is added to the juice.
  • Fresh or dried ginger is added to the fried food appetizer or salad.
  • Bring ginger tea put fresh ginger, peeled sharp in boiling water.
  • Fresh or dried ginger is used to marinate fish.

Video ground ginger

It is considered an effective treatment and a protective shield against many diseases, how can grind ginger and save it homemade for a longer time? :


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