Get rid of fat in the body

Get rid of fat in the body


  • 1 fat accumulation
  • 2 get rid of fat 2.1 Exercise 2.2 healthy foods 2.3 daily habits
  • 2.1 Exercise
  • 2.2 healthy foods
  • 2.3 daily habits

Accumulation of fat

Wrong daily habits that we practice is the first cause of the accumulation of fat in different areas of the body, which affects the structure deforms clear, as fat affect negatively on the work of the internal organs of the body and increase the risk of exposure to blood diseases and heart. Studies have shown that eating just before sleeping, and eating a lot of ready-made foods in general of the most important leads to the accumulation of fat in the body, however, there are many procedures in which they can ensure that the disposal of body fat without exposure to health risks.

Get rid of fat


Some might imagine that exercise cumbersome and need to spend a lot of time in gyms, however, there are many exercises that can be done at home daily to ensure that the burning of calories obtained throughout the day, the most important of these exercises exercise ball medical ; Where the trainee lying down on the back with knees bent and feet placed flat on the ground.

Then put the trainee the ball between the thighs and press it firmly for two seconds, and then reduce the pressure gradually, and repeat the exercise four times before taking a rest for a minute, then repeat four times the group, and in case the possibility of going out of the house a day is recommended fast for walking at least half an hour Evening.

Healthy foods

You must enter the healthy foods to the diet with the organization of meal times and be careful to dinner before going to sleep three hours at least, and the most important foods that can be eaten for breakfast and dinner and considered a meal independent grain oats; It helps the body to keep energy and is not digested quickly, it also increases the speed of burning calories in the body.

We note that the oily fish such as salmon or tuna reduce cholesterol levels in the blood to contain an omega-3, as it is rich in protein necessary for slimming; It strengthens muscle tissue, the body prepares to burn only fat without losing muscle mass.

Daily habits

The most important regular sleep fat burner; The body tends to keep calories in the case of the feeling of fatigue in an attempt to provide that energy to maintain the continuity of his work, which increases the need to eat sugary foods that contain large amounts of energy, so it if you feel comfortable burn body heat first calories first, apply the same situation on drinking water; Since eating large amounts of water throughout the day the body of salts and liquidates fat by speeding up the work of the circulatory system, in addition to the discharge of excess water and trapped inside the body.


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