Get rid of belly fat and buttocks easily

Get rid of belly fat and buttocks easily


  • 1 diet
  • 2 adequate sleep
  • 3 practice aerobics 3.1 mutawaatir training, high-density 3.2 Yoga 3.3 Reverse Payment 3.4 squat
  • 3.1 mutawaatir training, high-density
  • 3.2 Yoga
  • 3.3 Reverse Payment
  • 3.4 squat
  • 4 Video How to get rid of belly fat
  • 5 References


You can get rid of fat through a free healthy eating plan calories so help to reduce weight, so the National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood recommend (NHLBI) to eat small amounts with a limit of foods that contain a high proportion of sugar, sodium, cholesterol, fat saturated found in dairy products rich in fat and fatty meats, fried foods, and instead should focus on whole grains, protein and fat-free, dairy products, fat-free, diverse groups of vegetables and fruits. [1]

enough sleep

The lack of sleep affects the hormones that control appetite, which leads to increased cravings for unhealthy foods, according to the Harvard School of Public Health, so you should get 8 hours of sleep every night to prevent weight gain, because it frees growth hormone and enhances the process metabolism, it is worth noting that insufficient sleep increases the time to eat, the energy to exercise and reduces. [1]


High-intensity training mutawaatir

High mutawaatir training includes density (HIIT) set of exercises that are practice rotated quickly, less than four minutes Vttbaiqa can make a difference in the health and fitness, and to burn more calories should this exercise for 20-30 minutes, so that performs all exercise for 30 seconds, and separates the exercise and the second 10 seconds, and these exercises: jumping, pressure, crushing (crunches), and running in place, lift the leg (leg lifts). [2]


Is the yoga of sport types important to lose weight and get rid of fat buttocks, where include most of the lessons of yoga exercises stretch the body that improve flexibility and promote relaxation, as well as include the movements associated with the challenges that cause sweating, it is worth mentioning that they are similar to exercises effective high-density. [2 ]

Reverse Payment

This exercise focuses on burning fat buttocks, and is applied through the right foot put on a high surface of a possible peace, with the body righteously forward, while the left foot, so discouraged right knee 90 degrees while maintaining the unaligned ankle, should also remain low status for seconds, and then rotation between the right foot and the left, and is recommended to repeat it 12 times per foot. [3]


Exercise squat is like sitting on a chair, and is important to give the proper shape of the buttocks, so that the spacing between the feet width shoulders, with the D hands forward to help balance, then drop down slowly to become knees in the form of 90 degrees, and then go back to the top, keep in mind that the knees remain on the level of the toes, and can also use weights in this exercise to increase the strength of the exercise. [2]

Video How to get rid of belly fat

To learn more about how to get rid of belly fat watched the video. [4]


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