From the rule of the Arabs

From the rule of the Arabs

From the rule of the Arabs

Best known for the Arabs since ancient wisdom and their words eloquent, and picked up and inherited their judgment now, and we will tell you the most informed of this sentence:

• to light up a small candle is better for you to spend your life curse the darkness

• Do not end for creating and come like a shame if you did a great

• Do not saddens you have failed as long as you are trying to stand on your feet again

• If you are in all things Matba friend did not receive the Tatbh

• The more the culture of one's increased misery

• asked the impossible possible: Where to stay? He answered in the dreams of impotent

• Think not glory Tmra you eat it will not reach the glory even lick the Sabra

• The beta is devoid of the book is the house without a soul

• not always strong to win the war, but the weak always lose peace

• Do not even try it is Tmidhn and not Tzmh of non-workout

• titles are not only toxic to the bones of men and fools do not need their name is

• everything if the decrease is not pleasant to live Wigger man

• Who loves loves the tree branches

• We do not get peace by war, but understanding

• If justice disappeared from the earth is no longer because of the value of human

• Happiness is not that always Matrade works but that you want what you do

• The worst thing that affects human to be without work or love

• Modesty in women's beauty and virtue in man

• Your friend is not a fault of Issarg Ijmlha to gain satisfaction

• Well friendship is getting deeper as I took it

• Smile a good word without letters

• Do not think about the lost, so you do not lose what left

• Who is satisfied with the little, will have no issues with hardships

• the kind word is a passport to all hearts

• If increased Gharwr..nqs pleasure

• conscience reassuring good pillow to rest

• Who implants good reaps gratitude

• the beautiful garden is not without snakes

• Age is the only thing that whenever a shortage increased

• Vessels hearts, lips and tongues locked keys bless every man his secret key

• .. Experience is a comb which gives him life .. When you have lost your hair

• Money is a good servant .. but bad master

• the greatness of your mind you create Enviers .. and the greatness of your heart and create your friends

• minutes of pain .. hour and hour of pleasure minutes

• There is no need to fear the sound of bullets .. Valrsasp which kills you will not hear her voice.

• Satan can be an angel. . The giant dwarf. . The bat eagle and the darkness in front of Nora but fools and fools only.

• the wife stops rebuke her husbands to answer the phone.

• poor her husband loved her long hair and surrprised that her tongue much longer.

• If you want to understand the fact that women look at her and you eyes closed.

• If you have Rgavan every one of them and buy with one another, flowers.

• It is located in the wrong man, and he insists it is a demon.

• Series strength is measured by its weakest link strongly .

• People can live without air a few minutes and two weeks without water and without food about two months without years ideas are endless.

• we move the first half of our lives in search of money, success and fame and we move the second half of them in search of doctors.

• Who bought what does not need to sell what he needs.

• When people praise people, few believe that when everyone Ivmonh believe.

• Deep sleep who does not have the fear of loss?

• marriage comes without prior warning as a point of black ink on human clothes.

• There is a failed man, but there is a man started from the bottom and stayed in it.


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