Fitness exercises

Fitness exercises


  • 1 strength exercises
  • 2 aerobic exercises
  • 3 flexibility exercises
  • 4 anaerobic exercise
  • 5 References

Strength exercises

Exercises focus force on strengthening the muscles, and examples of this type of exercises: push-ups, weight lifting, where the benefit of this exercise to increase muscle strength, increase weak muscle mass, increase bone density, and increase the level of metabolism to help weight control, as well as reduce the risk of injury; Because of the muscles of the joints of the support, also it showed a study conducted in 2009 that the practice of this exercise reduces blood sugar levels, and improves insulin sensitivity. [1]

Aerobic Exercises

Also called exercises aerobics or cardio (in English: cardio), and working these exercises to increase carry the heart and lungs, in addition to the muscles, and serve to strengthen the heart, improve efficiency in pumping blood, as well as increasing the efficiency of the muscles in oxygen consumption, increase fitness, and help prevention of certain diseases, such as depression, osteoporosis, heart disease, examples include: jogging, cycling, swimming, and there are two programs to perform these exercises Atl_khasan as follows: [2]

  • The first program commensurate with the routine daily activities, so recommended adults perform exercises moderate intensity for 30 minutes is not continuous through most or all days of the week, for example, can be the division of time periods are as follows: 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes after lunch, and 10 minutes dinner.
  • The second recommended program requires it by the American College of Sports Medicine exercise aerobic exercise intensive 3-5 times a week, for a period of 20-60 minutes at a time, in conjunction with two days allocated to three days of strength exercises.

Flexibility exercises

Exercises focus the flexibility to tighten and extend the muscles, and thus improve the movement of joints, and there are two types of these exercises, namely: exercises stretch hard (in English: static stretching), and exercises stretch dynamic (in English: dynamic stretching), an example of the first case: Exercise D muscle surrounding the knee, where they are sitting on the ground while keeping the legs Mstqimitan and tilt forward, and an example of the second case: exercise rotation of the arms, where the arms extended on both sides parallel to the ground, and then in a circular motion Thrikema in all directions to the maximum degree, so as to ensure greater much flexibility as possible. [3]

Anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise are all exercises that result in burning glucose to produce energy without the use of oxygen, and often result in these exercises intensively during a short time period, and examples of them: exercises jump, jogging, lifting weights, and is characterized by anaerobic exercise aerobic exercise they fast paced, and summed up the benefits of anaerobic exercise to increase strength and bone density, weight control, and enhance the strength of the body, protect joints, and improve the body's processing of lactic acid. [4]

Are some sports, such as basketball and football from the anaerobic exercise, which includes short periods of up to two minutes or less intense movement, with short periods of rest, and considered these exercises effective sports, because it includes quick periods of rest and recovery. [5 ]


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