Find a way for friends in Skype

Find a way for friends in Skype


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Skype is a commercial program devised by investors Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis and a group of software developers in 2003, which allows users to make voice and video calls and written online and from anywhere in the world free of charge, and make calls via the fixed telephone lines or mobile phones at a low cost .

How to create a Skype account

  • Went to Skype's official website:
  • Click the option to join us at the top left of the page.
  • Enter the required data in the empty fields last name, first name, email, date of birth day, month, year, sex, country, city, language, and mobile phone number, type of account, user name and password, the visual icon.
  • Click on the option I agree; To agree to the terms and conditions of use and follow-up and then download Skype software on your computer and install it, and after the completion of the installation program and do your profile and start adding friends and the talks.

Find a way for friends in Skype

  • Click on the program icon on your mobile device or on your computer to open the application.
  • Enter your user name and your password and press enter.
  • Went to the contacts option.
  • Click in the search box and enter your friend's name or the name of Skype or your friend's e-mail address you would like to add in the search box, and press Enter to search in Skype.
  • Select the friend's name in the search results you have shown, and in the case appeared more than a result you have; Click using the right mouse button on the name, and then press the View profile option, where you will see all the details that the friend added as the pictures and personal name of the state, city or phone number.
  • Click the option to add to your contacts after making sure that the friend is required, and then type a quick note to introduce yourself to it, and press the option to send.
  • Friend will be added to the list of your contact, but that his condition will appear that he is not connected to accept your request, and after accepting the addition request will be able to see him connected and make voice calls or video with him, send and receive text messages free of charge.

Find a friend is on Skype

  • Went to the contacts, and press the All tab mark.
  • Click on the link option for an invitation to friends to join Skype.
  • Type the name of the friend you would like to add it in the search box will show you the results matched automatically.
  • Click on the name and select the connection method you want to use to send the invitation by phone or via e-mail, and then press send.


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