Female recipes Cancer

Female recipes Cancer


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Cancer is a tower of water towers, and begins its astronomical at the beginning of the summer season, in the period between June 21 to 22 July, the tower and the first is in the order of three water towers with Scorpio, Pisces, and is located in the fourth ranking within the twelve constellations. [1 ] correspond Female Cancer with people from the water towers in general, and is also compatible with dirt towers that belongs both Taurus and Virgo. [2]

Female recipes Cancer

Female Cancer is characterized by many of the qualities of them: [3]

  • Female cancer appears as nervous and emotional, and difficult to deal with, but it is in fact a thin, soft and holds great affection for those around her, especially towards her family and her family.
  • Classified women are very faithful to their husbands, and this is what makes them stable and successful relationship that is in the link.
  • Enjoy a balanced personality, and conscious and responsible towards their children.
  • Diplomacy is a woman who does not like to raise problems and address them.
  • Woman is sensitive, shy and sometimes, they tend to shed light on her talent, or what you are doing; Because it is too ambitious.
  • Characterized by strong Bhdsha, and followed beyond the border, and tend to believe platitudes, and often use words that indicate feeling, and what you think about it, such as: the word I think, I feel, I see, outweighed feelings authority over ideas, and often think Baklbha not Baklha.
  • Tend to spend time in her home for a long isolation after its work to enjoy the tranquility and comfort, instead of going out to spend time with friends.
  • Care about all that feeds her mind, and seek behind the unknown knowledge, so please feel free to find places where what satisfies her curiosity to learn new things.
  • Tend to pay attention to others, volunteering to help them.
  • Female Cancer become very sensitive and harsh with people who are trying to tamper with or destroy her feelings, and often suffer from the difficulty out of any failed relationship, and you need a long time to regain its strength again. [4]
  • Mysterious and very secretive and difficult to leaking its secrets and ideas to others no matter how they were close to them. [4]
  • Suffer from mood swings from time to time as it can flare up suddenly angry and start to scream and cry, but they come back after a short time to calm. [4]
  • Her personality is a complex has multiple aspects are difficult to understand, it can do something contrary to what is expected according to the nature of her character. [4]
  • Carry hatred in her heart for people who caused Bjrhaa in the day, and it is difficult to forget that no matter how long. [4]

Female cancer love

Ttroy female cancer often before you fall in love, and refuses to rush the link, but once you find the right her partner, they are Habiba and loyal wife and patient beyond the border, and is ready to go beyond the obstacles and difficulties in order to maintain a true love, a love romance so much and she loves to receive gifts , flowers, and also love phrases from her partner, forms it is necessary to nourish the love to have, and maintain, especially when owning an exceptional partner Aojaj inside big capacity in love. [5]

Cancer Female friendship

Featuring Female Cancer also Ptoneha to choose friends; And for not rushing in confidence put others, once the person reaches that confidence, it will gain a true friend, and more important than what distinguishes its relationship with her friends is that they are a good listener to them and sympathize with them, no matter how strongly I grew up Wrongs or small, and prefer deep with the talks provided that the limits the relationship, and not at the expense of its time, or other relations. [6]

Cancer Women and Motherhood

Female cancer is considered a model for motherhood, she considers her family's most precious possessions, not equal to her delight to carry a child and Andjabh any joy, and if there are comparisons between personal best in maternity between the towers, the female cancer ranked first win unchallenged; Because of her love for her children love is very strong, and this is what justifies the effort to take care of her children around the clock seven days a week through the routine put itself, and is committed to the attention flour with all care the details of their children, and up into smaller tasks tying laces of their shoes, and clean up their toys after the completion of play , closing their coats buttons, which are afraid of the day when her children depend on themselves so that can not accompany them to school, or prepare school meals, or to put them in bed and tell them the story before going to sleep, but they must be aware that their children need to learn to rely themselves to carry out these tasks and others, and understands the female cancer needs and desires of her children Tower, and take into account their feelings strongly, generating have a great sense of security and confidence that their mother would be next to them under any circumstances whatever it small and whatever. [7]

Female cancer work

Is the Female Cancer add value to any team at work, they perform their work more than anyone else's almost hard, and will be very keen to finish any work assigned to them with great enthusiasm even if it cost her so stay for a long time or delay in the return of the house to accomplish, and always provide care and support emotional colleagues at work, and seeks to create all that is new and creative work, any small details of impressive work to be is standing behind her, and she is very emotional woman should be on her colleagues and director at work recognition Abjahdha and appreciation between now and then, otherwise they will feel sensitive to them not to appreciate her, and prefer female more than office work cancer work tower manual; Because they feel an emotional connection to that work, they prefer to work Ktahah in restaurants, or in the design of the decor to spend long times in offices to fill data, or to print them. [8]


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