Feb heart benefits

Feb heart benefits


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Herb Feb Fouad

Known herb broke heart as the alums also, a group of existing salts with each other are paired, or a chemical compound form consisting of compounds group containing potassium and aluminum wet sulfate, and are the compounds crystalline form is obtained from stores and is in the form of powder, and called the name of potassium alum.

There is alum stone crystal salt body, and is used here under the armpit to get rid of the smell of sweat, also softens the blackness of the armpits, and resides largely in the Yemeni mountains through salt specifically stones, and the finest types is white transparent color and oblique yellow color, and have a solid foundation, and we will address in the following benefits broke the benefits and some of its uses.

Benefits of Feb Medical Fouad

Addresses many diseases and health problems, including the following:

  • The bleeding that gets during intercourse.
  • Epistaxis nose.
  • Sagging gums.
  • Arent teeth and driven, by mixing it with the amount of honey and vinegar.
  • Ulceration scabies through cooking with honey and grape leaves.
  • Persistent itching mixing with the amount of water.
  • White spots on the nail color phenomenon, Baghlia with water.
  • Sores named Balkhbayth, here is used with salt.
  • Ulcers osteoclasts, using it with tannins.
  • Gingival tumors.
  • Deafness, through boiled with suitable with the amount of oil, and distillation by ear.
  • Nausea and vomiting by using a little of it.
  • Lice and Chiban.
  • Wounds, specifically bleeding.

Uses Feb Fouad

You can take advantage of the chip in the heart of many other things, most notably:

  • Purification of drinking water and remove accumulated dirt in it.
  • Analysis of different types of pickles.
  • An essential component in many of the foods industry Kasalsh.
  • Inhibitor of heat and thus reduces the likelihood of fires.
  • Hair removal by using it in some mixtures.
  • A key component of baking powder or what is known as baking powder.
  • Close pores in the skin, bleached and moistened.
  • Lotion for women after childbirth.
  • Narrowing the vagina.
  • Teeth whitening; Where it enters as an essential ingredient for the manufacture of toothpaste.
  • Get rid of sweating hands and feet, through the crushed and dissolved in a cup of warm water, and soak your hands or feet in it for a period of not less than fifteen minutes.

Types of Feb Fouad

There it twenty-six species, each has its shape, color and taste, most notably:

  • Potassium alum: the most common in the market, you can get it from anywhere, and is used to get rid of the wounds caused by shaving the face of men.
  • Sodium alum: This compound dissolves in the water well, and enters as an acid in the preparation of many foods.
  • Ammonium alum: exist in the form of crystals has no color, so as to address the water, and interference in the manufacture of deodorants.


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