Features Aries

Features Aries


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Aries of the heavenly towers, and its history is 21/3 to 20/4, and is influenced by Aries Saturn Tower from the date of 21/3 to 31/3, and is influenced by Jupiter from the date of 1/4 to 10/4, and is influenced by Mars from the date of 11 / 4 to 20/4.

Features pregnancy

  • It is a male tower.
  • Firearm is derived from the planet Mars Tower.
  • Consistent with Sagittarius and Libra, and Burj al-Assad.
  • Does not agree with Aries and Virgo and Gemini and Pisces.
  • Its number is eight, which symbolizes the sixth sense, personal strength, goodwill, gravity, and get the money and the love of change.

Pros pregnancy

Aries is characterized by a number of positives are:

  • Love to do good for all people.
  • Self-confidence, agility, and possession of humor and vitality, love of adventure.
  • I hate thinking about the problems and especially physical problems.
  • Brave and enterprising, but is characterized as reckless.
  • Ambition, enthusiasm, challenge, and activity.
  • Spontaneous handling.
  • The love of freedom and liberal ideas.
  • Determination and fortitude as does not change the way that only felt bored and realized that he would not reach the results placed.
  • A successful commander takes responsibility and cares about the affairs of his flock.
  • It depends on itself and does not depend on others.
  • Do not ask for help from his managers only rarely.

Cons of pregnancy

Pregnancy is characterized by a number of negatives Tower are:

  • Selfish he is always interested in what pleases himself and bring her achievements.
  • Vnyd nervous, and non-patient, Vmthvr, Vtaysh.
  • Love to own property, making it an aggressive personal and The sharp printed.
  • Tense, worried, and Arguing never ending.
  • The malice against him any abuse.
  • Hasty decisions.

Colors pregnancy

  • Blue and its derivatives.
  • Violet color and its derivatives.
  • Black Color.

It symbolizes the color blue and violet color for baby boomers Aries to love, friendship, wisdom, honesty, power, prestige, grief, depression, and the color black is a symbol of clarity, ambiguity, and decisiveness, and strength.

Specification woman pregnancy

  • Her energetic and spontaneous, innovative, spontaneous, and open to life.
  • Her high taste in her clothes.
  • Her heart pure as the heart of any innocent child.
  • You need time when you recognize one.
  • Complemented by her life and regain their forces after exposure to any shock.
  • Do not think too much before doing Boxiaiha process.
  • Love life, and challenges.
  • Do not talk about her dreams and ambitions.

Specification man pregnancy

  • Impatient he does not like to wait.
  • Leadership and responsibility, and energetic, and innovative ideas and new.
  • Strength and determination in the implementation of its work and ambitions.
  • Argumentative much and has the ability to continue to persuade.
  • He loves adventure, full of energy.
  • Loves success and always seek to achieve what he thinks.


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