Fat damage

Fat damage


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  • 1.1 Types of Fat
  • 1.2 fat damage
  • 1.3 avoid damage to fat


We are eating on a daily basis, which can contain a certain percentage of different fat, fat is one of the nutrients which has an impact is important to the human body, according to its type and its source, SQ what is beneficial to the body uses to perform several functions of the body, and it causes many problems health for this person must choose the appropriate type and quantity to get the benefits and avoid damage.

Types of fat

  • Saturated fat: the fat that remains solid at room temperature and raise the proportion of cholesterol in the blood and cause many health problems, which are located Kaldhun in meat, margarine and oils.
  • Huns is saturated: the fats that are liquid situation at room temperature, and do not cause an increase in the proportion of blood cholesterol does not lead to health problems for disposal that have been dealt with reasonable quantities, but are of great benefit to the human body, Kaldhun present in vegetable oils, which It is extracted from herbs.

Fat damage

  • Incidence of obesity, where the fat is full of calories and is times what they contain carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Diabetes and increase the risk of the disease in patients.
  • Exposure to the risk of heart disease and blood vessels Kalgeltat and high blood pressure.
  • arthritis.
  • Increase the likelihood of exposure to cancer.
  • The inability to breathe during sleep.
  • Reduce the amount of milk when nursing mothers as well as reduced quality.
  • Increase the likelihood of deformation of sperm and reduce testosterone.

Avoid fat damage

To avoid damage and mitigate them if they occur a person must adhere to a particular system during the handling of food where reducing the intake of food containing high levels of fat, especially saturated fat and preferably avoided, as well as interest in eating healthy foods Kalkhaddrawat fruit and full of fiber, and follow appropriate for the weight of a diet the person and the percentage of fat has, it is very important that the practice of many sports activities that help greatly to get rid of the fat and calories in excess of the body's need, and there are many herbs and foods that are considered effective to get rid of fat such as coffee, green tea, lemon, cinnamon, and yogurt.

This does not mean fat intake but should eat healthy fats in limited quantities until the body gets interest, such as working to maintain body temperature, and to assist in the completion of metabolic processes, and protect the body from dangerous exposure to wounds through the use of the coating, fat is very important source of power supply body .


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