Faster processor laptop

Faster processor laptop


  • 1 Intel Eye 7
  • 2 Intel Xeon processor
  • 3 Intel processor or 9
  • 4 other fast processors
  • 5 References

Intel Eye processor 7

The Intel Eye processor 7 (Intel Core i7-8700), with six cores (6 Cores), and used in portable devices, one of the fastest processors on fast frequency (Clockspeed) of up to 3.2 GHz, and up the frequency turbo (Max Turbo Frequency) to 4.6 GHz, and memory storage of temporary (Cache) with a capacity of 12 MB, which uses Intel turbo acceleration (Intel turbo Boost Technology) technology. [1]

Intel Xeon processor

Up frequency speed (Clockspeed) processor Intel iPhone 9 (Intel Xeon E-2186M) to 2.9 GHz, and up the frequency turbo (Max Turbo Frequency) to 4.8 GHz, and uses Intel technology to accelerate the turbo (Intel Turbo Boost Technology), it also provider six cores (6 cores), and is used in portable devices, and memory storage of temporary (Cache) with a capacity of 12 MB. [2]

Intel Eye processor 9

Is the eighth generation of Intel processors (Intel i9-8950HK) of the best processors for laptops, it provides outstanding performance compared to previous treatments; It allows editing the video quality 4K clips at high speed increase of more than 59% from the previous processors, it also provides an environment faster electronic games by 41% from its predecessors, and the reason for this is the presence of 6 cores (six cores), and the use of processing technology (14nm ++) , which provides an opportunity to raise the processor's performance to its maximum potential, as the processor allows the lifting of speed using technology (Thermal Velocity Boost), where you can increase the frequency of up to 200 MHz, and can frequency up turbo (turbo Speed) to 4.8 GHz when appropriate and low availability of conditions the temperature of the processor enough, and provide the necessary energy. [3]

Other fast processors

Other fast processors that can be used as follows: [4]

  • Processor (Intel Core i5-8500B) at speeds of 3.00 GHz.
  • Processor (Intel Xeon E-2176M) quickly 2.70 GHz.
  • Processor (Intel Core i7-8850H) at speeds of 2.60 GHz.
  • Processor (Intel Core i7-8750H) at speeds of 2.20 GHz.


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