Faster and lighter browser

Faster and lighter browser


  • 1 Mozilla Vairvks
  • 2 Microsoft's Edge
  • Google Chrome 3
  • Safari 4
  • 5 Opera
  • 6 References

Mozilla Vairvks

Is the Mozilla browser Vairvks one of the best browsers at all, it is the browser features a high pace, and consumption of little RAM (RAM) on the device even under open a large number of pages, and is a search Mozilla Vairvks engine a good choice for users who are interested in maintaining the privacy of their data , as this browser has many great features, such as the embargo for automatic advertising and support property registration without the use of a password. [1]

Microsoft's Edge

Microsoft's browser Edge runs on Windows 10 system, as well as the name of it is called (Spartan), and contains many different security features; Kalchwir which prevents phishers attacks across the Internet, also contains support for add-ons and other browsers as your browser Chrome browser Vairvks, and the advantage of this simple browser façade, and little consumption of the resources of the machine, and its compatibility with the various means of social communication. [2]

Google Chrome

Google Chrome occupies an advanced place in the list of the best browsers, it's browser is characterized by high speed, and the presence of many settings that allow the user to ensure the most efficient use of this browser, it also supports parental control through the use of parental controls available on it, and the system can be used bilateral ratification through it, and it is worth mentioning that Google Chrome browser offers many add-ons and features that are of interest to developers of web applications. [1]


A Safari browser automatically installed on the iPhone and iPad devices, has been launched by Apple in 2003, and in which you can select your favorite web pages, and open more than one tab at once, or even the synchronization between the pages that are opened on more than device, using Alaaclaud user account on those devices. [3]


Is Opera one of the best web browser, as can many add-ons Google Chrome browser running browsers, and can many install plugins on this browser through the Chrome Web Store, as this browser contains a feature called (in English: domain highlighting) which allows the user to show the title The special page is clearly URL and easy, so by concealing a large part of it. [4]


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