Fast typing on the keyboard method

Fast typing on the keyboard method


  • 1 learn the principles of correct writing
  • 2 Use sites to learn quick writing
  • 3 Practice printing using the keyboard
  • 4 References

Learn the principles of correct writing

A computer user can increase the ability to write fast across the keyboard by identifying the correct principles of the writing process, and while some of these principles comes: [1]

  • Care to put the office on the wrists when starting the printing process, making the fingers with curved keys, so as to avoid the occurrence of significant pressure on the wrists, as recommended bend elbows, these procedures increase the printing accuracy.
  • Put the fingers on the keys across the keyboard; By placing the left hand fingers in the order on the character keys: o u j b; So that it is subject pinkie finger on a character u, while the right hand fingers are placed on the character keys: k m n t.
  • Identify the fingers which they can print the characters across the keyboard, so that during each finger typing in diameter letters located on the right of this finger; For example, in Vosba pinkie left hand prints keys: 1 Z I u.
  • Install the thumb and one at least above the space bar; To use it at any time to put spaces between words.

Use sites to learn quick writing

A user can develop a computer device and increase its speed in writing across the keyboard through many of the things offered by the Internet; Where you can join one print online courses, which allows the user to start from the basic levels, then the gradient in the down cycle to the advanced level, which includes printing punctuation during printing across the keyboard, and can take advantage of the website thetypingcat to start from which to learn printing fast, and you can access this site by clicking the mail link click here. [2]

The practice of printing using the keyboard

Can speed up the printing process through a keyboard through the practice of printing more, exercise can print through many things; Caldrdashh online, through various written chat sites can learn to write across the keyboard in a fun way, or you can use e-mail to send messages through to friends or family frequently, can also join the many existing forums across the Internet, which can which addressed any topics, then it increases the user's practice of writing across the keyboard in a fun way. [3]


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