Fast buttock diet

Fast buttock diet


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  • 1.1 A healthy diet
  • 1.2 Lifting weights
  • 1.3 squat
  • 1.4 Streaming
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Slimming buttocks

Many people want to loungewear specific area in the body, by following a particular diet, but this idea has not proved its effectiveness by scientific studies; When a person Rgima or a system follows a specific, the body found on the triglycerides in the cells, which are stored for use in access to energy, and the body can get these fat from any area in the body, and not from a specific area where, however, help some roads on the buttocks loungewear, and describes the following headings. [1]

A healthy diet

Be careful to avoid eating foods that contain sugar, white flour, saturated fat, such as: pizza, potatoes fried, and replace them with nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eat foods rich in essential body protein, which keeps the activity of the person, and help build muscle, strengthen the immune system, and foods containing protein: eggs, chicken, turkey, fresh fish, low-fat dairy products. [2]

Lifting weights

The lifting weights of good means for slimming buttocks and thighs, while the person needs to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, and can lift weights three times a week, using exercises lower part of the body, such as: squat, and leg extension, and practice three groups in session, taking care to choose weights that can be lifted from 8-12 times repeated in each exercise. [3]


Exercise can exercise squat slimming buttocks, and anyone can do this exercise; Through stand put straight, with the spacing between the feet and knees, and to maintain the integrity of the back, and then get off the bottom, push the rear of the back, to form a right angle with legs for a second, and repeat the process of 12-15 times, can increase the power of exercise through pregnancy weights. [4]


Running is a form of exercise cardio, which helps burn calories, tighten the muscles of the buttocks, and is recommended by running short distances every day, for people who are not physically unfit, and then increase the distance at a moderate pace; Like trying to run for a period ranging from five to fifteen minutes, and when a person gets used to run, you can increase the time and intensity of running, like trying to run distances and longer time; To increase muscle challenge, increase fat burning. [4]


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