Family trips have many benefits What

Family trips have many benefits What


  • 1 spend fun time with family
  • 2 Reduce the problems of children
  • 3 enhance the levels of vitamin D
  • 4 minimizing problems and tension
  • 5 Other benefits for family trips
  • 6 References

spending enjoyable time with family

Family members spend most of their time at work, school, and after-school programs, sports, and so forth; Therefore, it is necessary to provide a suitable living time together to talk and exchange between family members, and can exploit the weekend to promote it, but this may not be holiday enough to stand on all matters of family, and therefore they must go out on a family trip to spend a fun time and discussion of many of things. [1]

Reduce the problems of children

Considered family trips therapy most popular for children who suffer from the problems of hyperactivity and lack of concentration (ADHD), this is called green-time treatment (in English: green time), or treatment of green space, where this method is simple to play outdoors, or the exercise of any activity in the outer perimeter, whether in the garden, or in the yard of the house, where he told the American Journal of public Health after a study of 452 children infected with hyperactivity disorder and lack of attention that the child is getting better when he goes out to the outdoors. [2]

Enhance the levels of vitamin D

Research estimates suggest that many people suffer from a lack of vitamin D, and this vitamin causes a decrease in the appearance of chronic diseases; Such as: cancer, this can increase the vitamin through exposure to direct sunlight, hence the importance of family trips, going out to nature, and helps vitamin D to protect family members from the disease daily, such as colds and flu. [2]

Minimizing problems and tension

Help family or trips travel to forget problems for several days, or forget about it for several weeks, and help to find out things incomprehensible, as is the nature of the family and working life overcrowding in many things, and therefore travel with family members or friends will increase the knowledge of the person of the importance of people others for him. [3]

Help family trips to reduce the tension of all members of the family, where one of the studies conducted on 25 adult Scottish showed on the difference between living in the landscape and urban areas, and by measuring the stress hormone ratio (cortisol), show of this study that those who live in green spaces are less prone to tension and daily disorders compared with those living in urban areas, and it must be said that the exit outdoor exercise requires some physical activities; Such as walking, sports. This can reduce the tension family. [2]

Other benefits for family trips

The importance of family trips they graduated family life daily routine, and give them the aspect of pleasure, relaxation and recreation, as well as to prevent the occurrence of anxiety, and create beautiful memories, where you can restore the memories of the trip family by watching a video trip, or album images, it referred to as the family trip increase the opportunity to learn new things, and earn an individual new culture. for example, visit one of the places the family gives a culture about the history of the neighborhood, and many interesting information to the attention. [1]


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