Expression football

Expression football

Football is the game or the tool used to play football. The development of the ball industry and determine where the laws of play that we got to where we are today from the world-renowned for the game that has become one of the most games where countries compete together.

Football history:

The history of football to the times of ancient Egyptians, where Byzantine historian (Herodotus), who visited Egypt in 460 BC, said that the Egyptians were playing reel made of goat skin or cloth. The Egyptian philosopher (Julius Blkos) mentions that football moved from Greece to the Romans. Remember that football legends began a long time ago, where the peoples of the victorious Terkel human skulls of enemies killed, and historians said that the idea of ​​a football game entered England when the Romans occupied and was the first ball used there is the skull of a Danish soldier was killed and slaughtered.

Little historians (Glover) and (Wiczsteven) that the real football derby began in England when they played all the people of the city to celebrate winning the Roman battalion had invaded their country. It remained until this game came the fourteenth century AD and spread football game widespread until it became a popular obsession made the kings of England Iharbonha.

In the eighteenth century, he invented in 1836 AD (Charles Goodyear) the first ball of rubber-reinforced and obtained by the patented. And then developed until the year 1862 made the first inflatable rubber balls through a small hole is closed.

The beginnings of modern football

Football began in the modern era of England, where she started as a game organization and had its schools. The first attempt to hold a meeting to put the game laws of football by a group of English in 1863 this meeting did not give any laws, but were then held another meeting and put the laws of the game in terms of the size of the ball and ways to throw it and the foundations of the game.

Established the first football club in the world in 1855, a club Hlved club Kwanta, and then established Queens Park Club in Scotland in 1876. The first civil union football in the world is (FA), which was established in 1863.

Football has spread in countries that continue with England and was the first country is reported by Denmark. After that was established federation clubs eligibility of football in all Western countries, including the Arab countries.

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