Exercises to treat bowlegs

Exercises to treat bowlegs


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  • 1.1 treatment methods bowlegs
  • 1.2 Special exercises for the treatment of curvature Alsaqaan
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Frequently Curvature legs disease in newborns, thus causing them to deformities in the bones of the leg makes them unable to walk or walk with permanent tripping, so you must check out a medical week old baby's legs; To be able to see if he was injured or sound, the early detection of curvature helps treated quickly.

Is a vitamin D deficiency the main cause of the disease, Venqs leads to a lack of absorption of calcium in the bone, and thus a fragility and bone formation forms is incorrect is approaching the bones of the thighs from each other, and move away the bones below the knees apart, giving the legs a form-like brackets ().

Methods of treatment of the curvature of the legs

  • Jabr legs medical Paljbair for a period of time is considered rather long.
  • Wear shoes and special hardware to return the bones of the legs of the natural pathogenic form, and also this method needs two to four years to show the result.
  • Vitamin D Protein content of some foods such as fish and dairy, or handled medical drug tablets, should also be exposure to sunlight a day.
  • Surgical treatment: The conduct surgery of the legs and medical Boseach their focus, and this method of treatment is used if the child reaches the age of eighteen years without treatment.
  • Follow the goal of physical therapy for exercise in the treatment of curvature of the legs, and this type of treatment is under the supervision of a therapeutic instructor special, or be under the supervision of mother sufficient know-how in those exercises.

Special exercises for the treatment of curvature Alsaqaan

  • Back massage and legs: is put a little oil private massage on those places, then start by moving the hands with circular movements on the back and focus on the spine, and then follow the same movements with the bones of the legs, and this exercise is useful in stimulating blood circulation nutrients to those bones, increasing from fed calcium and vitamin d.
  • Exercise included the bones of the thighs: the status of the child on the back straight, then start by bringing the bones of the thighs on each other by using the hands of the processor or the mother, and when the bones rounded must beware of screwing on the child or Tqribema violently, but are Tqribema simple and soft movements, preferably this repeat exercise half an hour a day.
  • Walking Exercise: it is often used in the case of the curvature of the big legs affecting the ability of walking the child, and the exercise arrest the child on his legs, and then start to pay his body lightly to begin walking, and this exercise should not be a lot of it so as not to worsen the situation, but enough exercise five minutes a day only.

Video treatment bowlegs

Aggravation of this problem may sometimes lead to problems walking:


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