Exercises before bedtime

Exercises before bedtime


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Human looking for multiple ways to apply it before going to bed; In order to enjoy a quiet night deep and comfortable sleep; It resorts to read or hear the quiet music or shower with warm water or hot drinks that help sleep like milk, chamomile or soothing body massage oils that help to relax or jasmine as oil some exercise. The exercise before bedtime of best practices; It helps to relieve stress accumulated strain in the body, calm the nerves by the pressure of playing a dump, and exert muscular effort leads to a high body temperature, resulting in the burning of fat and reduce weight in addition to feeling tired and then going to sleep comfortably and quietly, so it is advisable Exercise and sport before sleep almost an hour later. [1]

Exercises before bedtime

Exercises before bedtime is a group simple exercises are advised everyone to abide by them, namely: [2]

  • Exercise Psychology deep: Exercise begins to sit back and comfortable status Vd and then take a deep breath for several seconds, and mute this breath for ten seconds, and then take it out gradually through the mouth, repeat this exercise at least ten times.
  • Foot Massage: It is recommended using a natural jasmine oils as oil diluted with almond oil or olive oil after heating a little oil in a microwave oven, a massage begins by clicking on the soles of the feet and the fingertips for three to five minutes.
  • Exercise stand switching d: After completing the massage of the feet, you stand up straight and on flat ground with look forward, and then lift the right man for half a minute and then sent down and lift the left foot for another half minutes, repeat this exercise five times.

Exercises the task before bedtime

Here also exercises an important pre-sleep: [3]

  • Exercise your arms and neck: to loosen the arms and the top of the neck carried out the position of prostration with the face placed on the ground, and then Straighten arms on the length forward with the full Mlamsthma of the earth, and make the buttocks touching the ankles, and then start paying your body towards the forward steady and stay on this position for ten seconds, and repeat exercise ten times.
  • Exercise back tight buttocks: tightens this exercise the buttocks and relieves the burden on the back, by lying down on the back without putting a pillow under the head, then the right leg bend towards the top of the body with the attempt to reach out to the top of the chest constant and stay for ten seconds with the left leg stay unfolded completely, then switch being an individual are the right leg and bend the man left towards the top of the chest and stability for ten seconds, and so repeat the exercise ten times.


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