Eliminate thin

Eliminate thin


Considered slim one of the problems related to food and diagnose the patient thinness if the BMI has less than eighteen and a half, and is a severe slim problem such as obesity because it can cause some diseases and health problems, and should see a doctor in the case of thin severe, and there are several ways it is possible to follow to gain weight, it is known that it is difficult for people, the thin gain weight and due genetic reasons or because of the increased metabolic rate, and we will remember you in this article causes thin and several methods can help in weight gain.

Reasons for thin

  • Overactive thyroid gland.
  • Anemia.
  • Some of the digestive system diseases inhibiting the absorption of digested food.
  • Some mental illnesses such as depression, which leads to loss of appetite, and mania, which makes the patient does not feel hungry.
  • Cancerous tumors.

Treatment of thin

  • You should eat small meals and multi instead of eating large meals and a few, for example, takes a slender three main meals and three small meals divided along the day.
  • You must start the meal's main dish and the postponement of power and fruit for another meal in order not to feel satiety quickly.
  • A lot of eating fruits and vegetables that provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals for health.
  • Eating sweets after the meal because of the high calorie foods helps in weight gain.
  • Add olive oil to the authorities to increase the calories.
  • Eating nuts and dried fruits in small meals or add them to salads and main dishes.
  • Avoid drinking water during meals; Because the water weakens the digestive enzymes and inhibits the process of digestion, and increases the feeling of fullness.
  • You must chew food slowly to get the benefits of food.
  • You must change the foods covered person slim in order not to feel bored and open his appetite.
  • Exercise as it works to strengthen the muscles and make weight gain concentrated in the muscle rather than fat gain, and working to open the appetite.
  • Use of butter Bdehnha on a piece of toast with honey and eat between meals, it is possible to eat peanut butter because it is rich in calories.
  • Drinking milk and milk instead of whole milk skimmed.
  • Add spices and strong flavors of the food is working to open the appetite and eat larger amounts of food due to the distinctive smell.
  • Taking vitamins and minerals that reduce the body and then after consulting your doctor.
  • Eating boiled or ring Mshogaha helps overweight, you should eat three cups of boiled at least ring a day.

Note: You must check with your doctor before starting treatment to make sure the cause of thinness as the cause for each different treatment.


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