Elements of Educational Research Plan

Elements of Educational Research Plan

Educational Research

In the midst of scientific progress, the massive research multi spade scientific Tassanifaa, educational and other has become a pillar important in education, especially university of it, and consists of educational research from a number of elements led by the research plan, and research procedures and writing, and finally the final output of the search, and plan research of great importance for research.

Elements of Educational Research Plan

  • The title to be included to the subject of research, and holds a suitable attractiveness of the research topic and be concise as possible.
  • The importance of research and calls for research to study it contains, and this is usually in the foreground, and are noted where as well as to studies and research experiments similar research to the topic, the vision statement researcher personal research study is in question, and additions or amendments, most recently on the previous year, an explanation and an explanation, or add information, or correction of research information and facts.
  • The research problem, and are where the reference to the obstacles encountered in his research, or which necessitated his presence and conducted.
  • Research hypotheses about the research problem, all of which are linked to the relationship it, then go out Bovdilha and Osoppea according to the available scientific standards.
  • Research Objectives In the beginning of the research suggests a person to what offers in their search and in the context of the research confirms why submit what presented in his research, which reflect what is added to what is known and unknown in experiments research was preceded by the other, and should this be specific goals, measured and scalable To investigate.
  • The limits of research, this problem borders research accommodate temporally and spatially and contribute to the study of research, it has more or less what has developed a researcher from the frameworks and perceptions of general in his research, and be subject to some limitations and notes the immediate, it has undergone in the context of research that has not been addressed in the beginning and within the research plan, and shows that it supplies research, there must be flexibility within the overall perception of research.
  • Search terms that must be compatible harmony between the researcher and the reader, the quest is ideas must be delivered, and the language must be understood and absorbed, and the Party concerned this is the reader.
  • Theoretical framework and previous studies, it must be for the researcher to be on scientific and background knowledge on the subject of research, as well as the knowledge of experiences and previous studies around it.
  • Research procedures, and where the process is determined and the procedural steps in the search.
  • References that must be directly related to the problem of research, and should be avoided unless stated by the use of them, some intentionally mention a long list of references, whether hired her in his mother did not use them.

The importance of educational research plan

  • Give a structural conception of the research and its constituent elements.
  • Stand on the sources and references related to research in the light of this plan.
  • Inventory and lack of unwieldy search path in the paths may not serve.
  • Shorten the time and effort.
  • Organization of research and given him the necessary seriousness.
  • The researcher's success in his research and achieve its objectives by.
  • Knowledge of the researcher potential available, and the creation of alternatives and aids.
  • Statement and describe the steps necessary to study research, as well as the stages of implementation.
  • Give the owner the ability to evaluate the research study and stand them based on what verification.


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