Electronic encyclopedias

Electronic encyclopedias


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Electronic encyclopedias

Emerged and numerous electronic encyclopedias online, and the most prominent of these encyclopedias to mention touching the following list: [1]

  • answers.com
  • Britannica.
  • Catholic Encyclopedia.
  • Columbia Encyclopedia.
  • Encyclopedia of Computer Desktop Encyclopedia.
  • Encyclopedia of Life.
  • Encyclopedia of Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  • Encyclopedia of Symbols.
  • Encyclopedia of Encyclopedia Smithsonian.
  • Europeana.
  • How Stuff Works.
  • Encyclopedia Medline Medical Encyclopedia (by ADAM).
  • Reference.com.
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Guinness World Book.
  • World Digital Library.

Definition of encyclopedia

Encyclopedia is a reference that contains information relating to all branches and different knowledge classes and perhaps specialize in the field of a certain scientific and dealing with his principle of comparative science. Over more than 2,000 years has been and still encyclopedias scientific exist, it came to call from the Greek language, which means public education, and in First of its order was the concept demonstrates the integrated system of education, it was launched on encyclopedias in some times the term dictionary until our present time when some people with it a label does not match the concept, given the history of encyclopedias, we find that the great mirror encyclopedia is one of the greatest encyclopedias throughout history, which was completed work on it in 1244 AD where he baptized the French author Vincent to prove what the world for what it is and what should be, and the philosopher and researcher Catalans Ramon Llull in the thirteenth century to work on his encyclopedia and taking into account matters of language and its rules and considered a tool to prove the truth tools have not seen encyclopedias since the times Roman any alphabetical order of their contents, but were based on topics of interest to come to the fore, such as space science, geography, the arts and sciences came at the ends of Arts Ha. [2]

Types of encyclopedias

There are various types of encyclopedias including: [3]

  • Encyclopedias General information: covering a wide range of topics in the form of short articles written by experts, as the information contained in these folders have a limited depth, but provide sufficient data to the reader to look more deeply.
  • Encyclopedias E: currently lives of people in the digital world is available in which information in front of everyone, and change things in it very quickly, so it quoted many encyclopedias publications printed to the Internet while retaining the staff of the editorial and shareholders who are experts in their respective fields, and provide knowledge bases through the Internet for students, teachers, and quick access for information, regardless of where they connect to the Internet.


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