Egyptian Food

Egyptian Food


  • 1 Egyptian cuisine
  • 2 meatballs with rice 2.1 components 2.2 Preparation
  • 2.1 components
  • 2.2 Preparation
  • 3 Stuffed Cabbage 3.1 components 3.2 Preparation
  • 3.1 components
  • 3.2 Preparation

Egyptian cuisine

Renowned for Egyptian cuisine Boclath fatty because of the addition of obesity it, as it combines many kitchens such as: Turkish cuisine, kitchen Shami, and other kitchens, the most famous dishes of the Egyptian bathroom Balfrickh chicken, roasted, and mallow, and in this article we will learn about how to prepare some Egyptian delicacies.

Meatballs with rice


  • A kilo of chopped veal meat finely.
  • Half a kilo of Egyptian ground rice
  • Besltan chopped.
  • Ten garlic cloves, crushed.
  • A quarter cup of chopped mint.
  • Half a cup of chopped coriander.
  • Half a cup of chopped dill.
  • Half a cup of chopped parsley.
  • Two eggs.
  • Habta minced green pepper.
  • Small spoon of salt.
  • Half a teaspoon of cumin.
  • A small half teaspoon of chili powder.
  • Small half teaspoon of black pepper.
  • Amount of vegetable oil for frying.
  • Cube of chicken broth.
  • Three cups of chicken broth.
  • Three tablespoons of tomato paste.

How to prepare

  • Keep the meat in a deep bowl and add a ground rice, a grain of onion, garlic, chili pepper, parsley, dill, mint, coriander, salt, spices and Nkhalthm well.
  • Whisk the eggs and then add them to the meat and Nkhalthma well.
  • Start the formation of Meatballs desired shape; Where we can make balls or fingers kofta.
  • Put oil on the fire until it is heated, and then put the meatballs and Nkulaiha until it becomes a golden color conqueror.
  • Keep large three tablespoons of vegetable oil on the fire and add him onions, then add the broth cube, tomato paste, broth, and let them on the fire until the sauce becomes thick.
  • Keep fried meatballs in the sauce and leave to mature completely.
  • We offer meatballs with white rice or bread.

Stuffed Cabbage


  • Bean sprouts (cabbage), medium-sized.
  • Egyptian kilo of washed and soaked rice.
  • Four beads minced onion finely.
  • A kilo of tomatoes.
  • A quarter cup of chopped parsley.
  • A quarter cup of chopped dill.
  • ¼ cup of butter; Which is equivalent to 50 grams.
  • Half a cup of vegetable oil.
  • Three cups of chicken broth.
  • Small tablespoons of salt.
  • Half a teaspoon of spices.
  • Small half teaspoon of black pepper.

How to prepare

  • Put a bit of water on the fire and wait until the boil, then boiled cabbage and go as desired.
  • Keep tomatoes in a blender and then Nasrha Nsfiha.
  • Put oil on the fire, add the onion and leave it to him until tender, then add the tomato juice, salt and spices, and let them on the fire until the sauce becomes thick.
  • Mix rice, parsley and dill with some of them well, then pour the tomato sauce and toss.
  • Prepare boiled cabbage, and put the appropriate amount of the filling, then Nfah and put it in a saucepan.
  • Pour the chicken broth in a saucepan cabbage, and we put it on the fire until boiling broth, then temper the fire and let it simmer until.
  • We offer hot stuffed cabbage with roasted chicken or meat.


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