Eggplant upside-down way

Eggplant upside-down way


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Featuring COOKED Inverted Btamha tasty delicacy; As it is a traditional dish heritage of Palestinian origin, and have many ways of preparation and prepared we will address it during this article.

The preparation of an inverted eggplant


  • Five beads of eggplant, medium-sized.
  • Four cups of chicken broth.
  • Half a cup of boiled chickpeas.
  • Onion, medium size.
  • Kg of chicken, cut into six or eight pieces.
  • A small and a half teaspoon of salt.
  • A teaspoon of black pepper.
  • Two cups of rice, short or medium grain.

How to prepare

  • Fully soak the rice in a large bowl until Ttakchi of starch, and then do not even take a lot of time on fire during the preparation process.
  • Urban eggplant cut your existing, and slice into pieces by the desire to cooked.
  • Heat oil on high temperature, and fried eggplant Start, and you can frying enough to simmer for.
  • Bring the chicken and rub with lemon and vinegar, and rinse well.
  • Bring Hilla large, and add its oil, salt, black with onions and peppers into small pieces or long strips as desired, and then Hamri onions on fire, becoming the color you want it, and Put boiled chickpeas and prepared in advance with the onion, Afrckah well, and then you can the chicken pieces received in the heart of Hilla, and Qlbhe for a period of not less than five minutes, and then add water and make sure that the amount you have added commensurate with the amount of chicken to be.
  • Leave the chicken for half an hour on the fire, until cooked completely, and then lift him, and put it in the oven tray in order to reddening, chicken and be ready in front of you to the authors of the rice.
  • Bring Hilla Thot the chicken, and then Bring eggplant slices and put them at the bottom of Hilla, Put two pieces of chicken, and another layer of eggplant, then two pieces of chicken, and repeat the process until you put your entire ingredients, and then sprinkle the amount of chickpeas your existing, with slides that may I attended, and sprinkle over all components of rice after it put your salt, spices, black pepper and saffron.
  • Pour the chicken broth on the Hilla, but it should be the amount of marinade covers the entire existing rice, and must take into account the quantity until cooked on time.
  • Hilla and shut the leave to simmer for ten minutes, then put your fate from the fire, when the maturation of rice sure your.
  • Aqlba Hilla and make sure you've got all the ingredients that were used in the form of Hilla in large Chinese, and for this reason was named Palmgulwbh; Because it flips in Chinese and take the form in which it has been arranged since the foundation, and you can bribe a little chopped parsley with roasted pistachios.

Preparation Inverted vegetables

  • This method includes the diverse use of vegetables; As Inverted usually used where all kinds of vegetables, as you want, where you should not adhere to a particular type of vegetables, eggplant alone, for example, it is possible to use potatoes, beans, eggplant, peppers, carrots, cauliflower, peas and other vegetables as desired .
  • Cut the potatoes, for example, cauliflower, eggplant and Akulaihm until maturity.
  • Soak both peas and chickpeas, and Obhari carrots with chopped onion and meat, and then my amount of these vegetables in the bottom of Hilla, then put the chicken, and after the remaining quantity of vegetables and then another layer of chicken, rice above, and must Tthbla rice as mentioned in the way Previous, and then pour the marinade on it to you get a full order of a suit, and then leave it on fire nearly half an hour, on low heat, and thus you have two ways of methods of preparing inverted which is a Palestinian heritage purely.
  • Arrange Chinese according to the general taste, and can be used as above in the processing or abandoned parsley and pistachio, and decorated with pepper turkey in the form of rings with rings of lemon kind to you get a taste of unparalleled in the world, a taste of oriental and popular food at the same time.

Things must be taken into account

When cooking Inverted should be taken from some things into consideration, namely: In case you have eggplant taste bitter must act put a grain of potatoes in inverted or cut into slices and fry, and aim to reduce the proportion of the bitterness that has become filled dish, and potatoes generally absorb the taste of bitterness and any non-granular.

  • It must be soaked both rice and chickpeas before you begin to prepare the dish, because it needs a great time in order to reach the bait that you would like it.


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