Drying orange peel method

Drying orange peel method

Orange peel

Orange peel powder is a welcome addition to the various sweet dishes, drying can peel any kind of orange types you prefer, and store it until used when preparing a dish of sweet dishes, which helps to strengthen the immunity of the body and often people suffering from a bad cold or some advised colds and cold eating orange peel or lemon peel to reduce the severity of symptoms, both orange peel and lemon peel you can dry the same way the following.


  • One kilogram of any kind of prefer orange.

How to prepare

  • Before starting Preheat oven to two hundred degrees Celsius.
  • Wash the oranges well and make sure you empty the pores of the outer shell of dust, or pesticides that were sprayed on them, and well under the hot repeatedly blot the water.
  • Orange Dry clean towel before starting Ptqchireh.
  • Using potato peeling tool (potatoes) scaler or regular knife if not available, try peeling the outer layer of the orange color, and leave white inner shell layer color because the very taste of bitterness, while the outer layer have a taste and smell refreshing and Zakia.
  • In a large oven tray Place the orange peel in the form of a single layer individually, and be sure not to stack up some of the chaff until the heat up to peel the whole evenly, and thus dry up all at the same time and the same amount.
  • Place the Chinese in a hot oven in advance, for two hours or more, until you see that the crust has Tqost and become completely solid, crunchy like potato chips (chips) but do not let them burn and become brown or black color, and the time required for drying depends largely on the orange peel thickness so check every fifteen minutes to make sure not to burn.
  • Remember that you want to dry orange peel and not cook, so it will put a wooden spoon in the opening oven door, which would keep him out of it closes completely, and will leave some of the air enters the furnace through a small aperture, and this will leave room for moisture out rather than remain trapped in the closed oven, and prevent the crust from drying.
  • Remove the Chinese from the oven and let it aside to cool completely orange peels.
  • Then you can save it for three months in an airtight jar and cooler in the refrigerator.
  • And you can save them as they are or crushed and fragmentation to make it easier to use, and put them up sweets later, in a glass bowl airtight m, and beware of leaving it open for a long time because they tend to absorb some of the moisture from the air.


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