Dogs Alhaski

Dogs Alhaski


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Definition of a dog Alhaski

Alhaski knows (English: husky) that dogs working breed, the dogs muscular medium size, dating back to thousands of years in Siberia, and possesses fortitude double resistant to weather, and has been used over the centuries and known Balodaah and devotion to the people. [1]

These were breeding dogs by Chukchi groups (in English: Chukchi) in Siberia; Where they were used to ski, and the guard, and Rebekah, and brought this strain to Alaska since 1909 for racing dogs ski, and a length of about 51-61 cm, while weighing about 16-27 kg, and features multi-like gray colors, or reddish-brown, or black, white, also has markings on the head appear like a cover or mask, in addition to that has been maintained this pure strain for hundreds of years in Siberia, and I knew her intelligence and mood Latif, [2] the average age between 12-15 years. [3]

Features Dogs Alhaski

Characterized dogs Alhaski possessing several qualities of different levels, and examples of them: [3]

Diet for Husky

The breeding dogs Alhaski on small amounts of food compared to the amount of food needed by some strains of size similar, and therefore must provide two meals a day for dogs Alhaski, so that each meal contains a cup dedicated to dogs dry food, also depend the needs of the dog food on its size, and the average activity , age, and many other factors, and this must control the weight of the dog to prevent obesity, and can make sure their food needs by reviewing your veterinarian. [3]

Dog hair Alhaski

Is characterized by hair's dogs Alhaski that thick, thick and coarse, while the inner layer is softer, and thus can withstand very low temperatures, however, this thick hair is uncomfortable in hot climates, and falling this fur dog is relatively small during most days of the year , these fur and more are falling for about three weeks. [3]


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