Does garlic lowers blood pressure

Does garlic lowers blood pressure


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the Garlic

Belongs plant garlic to Albsaliat family (in English: Allium), is associated with this plant onions, shallots closely, and called on each piece of onion garlic plant name clove garlic, ranging the number of lobes of 10-20 lobes per bulb, it is worth mentioning the garlic plant grows in different regions of the world, and is commonly used as an ingredient in cooking; Because of the strong smell, and taste delicious, in addition to its use in the treatment of many diseases. [1]

Relationship garlic to reduce blood pressure

Blood pressure is considered a risk factor for heart disease; Which is the main cause of death in the United States, so consumed garlic by a lot of people in an attempt to keep their blood pressure, as it is believed that it can help to lower blood pressure in part, by stimulating the production of nitric oxide (in English: Nitric oxide); Which plays an important role in the expansion of blood vessels, according to the National Institute of Health (in English: NIH), it is likely that garlic and able to be slightly lower blood pressure. [2]

As scientists in 2008 analysis of 11 clinical trial had been published in the past, and found high garlic effect compared with placebo in reducing blood pressure in those with high blood pressure, as the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published in 2013, a study of 79 people suffering from lack of discipline in high systolic blood pressure, which represents the upper reading in a blood pressure reading was to give participants the different daily doses of garlic extract, or a placebo for 12 weeks, while the doses of 240 mg or 480 mg or 960 mg, showing at the end of the period treatment that people who consumed 480 mg doses, and 960 mg of garlic extract a day had a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure, and on the other hand, the results did not show a decrease in systolic blood pressure in those who consumed a dose of 240 milligrams per day. [2]

Health benefits of garlic

Modern science has confirmed many of the health effects of garlic; Including: [3] [1]

  • It improves cholesterol levels: as can garlic reduce total cholesterol in the body, plus it can supplement garlic reduce total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (in English: LDL) when those who suffer from high cholesterol by up to 10-15%, specifically, it appears that the effect of garlic appears on the bad cholesterol, but it has no real effect on good cholesterol (in English: HDL).
  • It reduces the severity of the common cold: it promotes garlic supplements and immune system function in the body, where I found a large study lasted for 12 weeks that garlic supplements consumption daily reduced the frequency of colds by 63% compared to placebo, in addition to the reduced duration of symptoms colds by 70%, a decline to 1.5 days in the group that consumed garlic, and 5 days in the group that consumed the placebo, and found in another study that eating high doses of garlic extract; Which is equivalent to 2.56 grams per day, reduced the number of sick days for colds and flu.
  • It reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia: it shows that the damage phosphorylation caused by free radicals have the effect of aging, where Garlic contains antioxidants that support a mechanism to protect the body from damage phosphorylation, has proven to be eating high doses of garlic supplements raises anti enzymes oxidation in humans, as well as to reduce oxidative stress in those who suffer from high blood pressure is clearly, as garlic can reduce the risk of common brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, and dementia.
  • It improves bone health: Some studies on rodents that garlic can reduce bone loss showed; And by increasing the hormone estrogen in females, but the studies did not regulate any effects of garlic on human bones about the loss, but in one study was on women in post-menopausal stage, it had to eat dry garlic extract; Which is equivalent to 2 grams of garlic raw significantly reduced the effect of the lack of the hormone estrogen indicators have, and this refers to the possibility of the effect of garlic supplements on bone health in women.
  • Reduces the risk of lung cancer: the study showed lasted for seven years on people ate garlic raw twice a week, at least they were less likely to develop lung cancer by 44%, and the researchers conducted personal interviews with 1424 lung cancer, and others 4543 healthy, They were asked about the nature of the practice diet, lifestyle in which they live; Including smoking, eating garlic, where it was noted that there is a protective effect associated with eating garlic raw and lung cancer, suggesting the possibility that garlic has a protective factor for chemically lung cancer.

The nutritional value of garlic

The following table shows the nutrients found in 100 grams of garlic: [4]

Video garlic bouquet for the bride

In any country the bride carrying a bouquet of garlic instead of roses? What do you know about garlic also? :


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