Do exercises Alsquat Tnhv

Do exercises Alsquat Tnhv


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Exercises for slimming Alsquat

Exercises Alsquat also known as the squat exercises, a group of exercises that focus on building and strengthening the muscles of the body lower, such as: muscles of the legs, back and muscles, the abdominal muscles, and are classified as exercises Alsquat from within the force exercises, where many people avoid exercise, and so wrong with difficulty because of their belief performed and lack of effectiveness in burning fat, but the fact of the matter is different from that, as the exercises Alsquat are stimulating a large number of muscles to move and systole and diastole at once, making the body stimulates the burning of larger amounts of fat, with their ability to provide greater amounts of energy the body for the continuation of this physical activity.

Benefits Alsquat exercises

  • Strengthen the heart muscle: contribute Alsquat exercises to activate the work of the circulatory system and pumping blood from the heart to the rest of the body, and helps strengthen the heart muscles and improve their performance, as well as to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent blood clotting in any of them.
  • Burn calories: help Alsquat exercises burn calories effectively, and to achieve this important attendance performed on a daily basis without interruption.
  • It does not cause any negative impact on the back effect: Despite the misconceptions gentlemen about the negative impact of the exercises Alsquat on the back, caused by the pressure on the spine and the occurrence of pain in the back area, but this type of exercise does not occur much pressure on the spine , also contribute to the strengthening of the back muscles if they were Todath properly.
  • Enlarge rear: Many women resort to exercises Alsquat to enlarge the flat rear or small, where Alsquat exercises work on the muscles tighten in the rear area and increase the size of the muscle reasonably.
  • Improve the way you walk: working exercises Alsquat to tighten all the muscles in the lower torso of the body, including the muscles of the feet, which contributes to getting the body taut and harmonic, helps to walk steady and balanced pace.

How to perform exercises Alsquat

The number is available from a variety Alsquat exercises, and simpler Alsquat exercises:

  • Stand up straight, with the spacing between the legs and extend your arms to form a horizontal line in front.
  • Bend your knees and drop the body down, while allowing the back to bend naturally without exaggeration bending, forming knees angle.
  • Stability on the previous position for a few seconds, and then extend the legs while maintaining the integrity of Al back.

You can perform exercises Alsquat using weights as follows:

  • Stand up straight with rounded legs from each other and carry dumbbell in both hands.
  • Bend the right knee down, landing with the left leg toward the back and the fulcrum left foot on the fingertips, while maintaining the left knee above the ground level.
  • Return to a standing position and repeat the exercise in the same way with the right leg.

Video Benefits of Exercise Alsquat for women

To learn more about the benefits of exercise for women Alsquat watched the video.


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