Disadvantages woman Pisces

Disadvantages woman Pisces


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Pisces is the third water towers, and is influenced by the owners of this tower planet Neptune and Jupiter, begins its history from the nineteenth of the month of February, to the twentieth of March, another celestial constellations twelve of the astronomical towers, symbolized by Basmktin linked each other, and swim each one of them in the opposite direction, and a sign of the double whale multiple views, where the live tower live in two worlds, the real world based on reality and spiritual world or the inner, which is based on dreams and imagination, where explain what they see in what they want, so they are very creative, and are characterized by frequent tender, and have a fertile imagination unique, all attributed to the planet Neptune's ruling, a planet of inspiration and imagination. [1]

Disadvantages woman Pisces

Female Pisces has a lot of beautiful and distinctive qualities, but there are some disadvantages that may characterize, including the following: [2]

  • Volatility in the mood: characterized by female Pisces sharp Bmzajitha and the volatility of their conditions and desires, and even though it has a personal very nice, but air sometimes the best way to deal with them in this period is given an area of ​​personal even getting better and returning to normal.
  • Pessimism and thinking negatively: If things did not go the way you want female whale, or in the event of disappointment, they quickly feel pessimistic and begin to develop a scenario of what will happen, think also all the negative things that have occurred, without resorting to the problem is resolved.
  • Laziness: Female Pisces tend to laziness and inactivity do not feel enthusiastic direction of things that do not fall under their attention, and enthusiasm usually extinguished shortly after, and often causes them this many problems in her career.
  • The desire to escape from reality: characterized by a woman Pisces Balhanih empathy, but secretive and resort to escape from reality to a special world, they run away from her grief and concerns to the ideal world and the lives of virtual unreality of innovation.
  • The weakness of the will: Despite the high intelligence and intuition that characterizes female whale, but they feel frustrated and quickly because of the simplest things, they are affected by the words of others and quickly retreat from its objectives and appreciation for themselves and their capabilities.
  • Ideal excess excessive confidence in the third party: one of the most important weaknesses when female whale, making it vulnerable to pain and hurt by others. [3]
  • Frequency and difficulty in decision-making: featuring a woman Pisces severe Petrddha in decision-making, where can not resolve their decisions properly and the right time and afraid to take responsibility, because of her character is unrealistic and impractical, which creates a lot of problems, as they lose a lot of opportunities in her life because of this frequency. [3]
  • Hypersensitivity: Female Pisces is characterized by excessive sense of delicate and severe allergies, they are deeply affected by everything that happens with them, and any position to harm her emotionally, and this is causing her constant psychological pressure. [4]

Pisces woman recipes

Female Pisces enjoys many of the qualities that distinguish her from others, and the most important of these qualities as follows: [5]

  • Empathy: The most important characteristic of female whale and emotional sense of high, where the tower style distinctive and its ability to help people make them attractive and beloved, they are thin heart senses pain in others talk and sympathize with the poor and the wretched beyond the border, and defend the weak person stands to his side, and do not carry hatred in her heart, and forget the abuse quickly, as female whale dealing with emotional situations in a way, they are sensitive and possess feelings of emotion and love for others, where you care about deeply appreciates their needs.
  • Generosity and tender: the recipe is considered excessive generosity of the qualities that characterize the female whale, they are always dignified self-seeking to meet the demands of others, and provide them with what they need physical or moral support without careful plus.
  • Tenderness and romance: Pisces women very romantic, and it is easy to fall in love, you love and care about the other party to the maximum degree, characterized by calm and excessive tenderness, and spontaneous.
  • Mystery: Women Pisces is characterized by prevarication and mystery, which is one of the most qualities that make a girl whale is very eye-catching.
  • High artistic sense: characterized by female Pisces also as one of the characters fond of art, they are passionate, innovative and tend to the imagination and has a great ability to innovate.
  • Creativity: Female Pisces has a creative personality to the maximum grades, they are always talented and dreamy woman, and has a lot of creative ideas that help them to innovation and excellence. [6]
  • Witted speed: Pisces girl is characterized by a sharp intelligence, and agility, and the power of observation things that revolve around quickly and understand. [6]
  • Good heart: Female Pisces has a good heart, and a sense of thin and feelings of finer,, they are friendly in dealing with others and likes to provide assistance to them. [6]
  • Inspiration: Female Pisces are characterized as attractive and inspiring, due to their ability to understand everyone, in addition to creativity in matters of her life, and her thoughts constructive and new have a role in making them an example. [7]
  • High intuition: the advantage Pisces girl's strong intuition and perception right, as they can sense all the things around, and can anticipate the thoughts of others easily. [8]
  • Diplomacy and charisma: a woman enjoys the whale character charming and powerful tower attract others to them, but they do not like exploitation in compassion and affection, used as a woman Pisces tower skills and creative abilities; In order to inspire others, and also has a high potential that you attach to excellence and success. [8]
  • Fidelity to friends: The Pisces girl more characters that provide attention to others, especially loved ones, also characterized as one of the most people in fulfillment of her friends and as emotional support to them first. [9]


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