Disadvantages Virgo

Disadvantages Virgo


  • 1 Virgo
  • 2 defects Virgo 2.1 Search for the perfect 2.2 Cleaning Mania 2.3 care money 2.4 Fear of disease 2.5 Mute feelings 2.6 quick to judge others 2.7 pessimism 2.8 stubbornness
  • 2.1 Search for the perfect
  • 2.2 Cleaning Mania
  • 2.3 care money
  • 2.4 Fear of disease
  • 2.5 Mute feelings
  • 2.6 quick to judge others
  • 2.7 pessimism
  • 2.8 stubbornness
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Virgo is the sixth tower of the twelve constellations of the zodiac, and follows to the planet Mercury, and runs from the twenty-third of August and until the twenty-second of September, and symbolizes the virgin character of the Latin (M) an expression of defensive and narrow-mindedness, which is characterized by born in the tower, a dirt towers after Capricorn, and features: modesty, shyness, accuracy, diligence, and its disadvantages because it is fast annoyance, anxiety and many, many criticism. [1] [2]

Disadvantages Virgo

There are many drawbacks and defects that may characterize all born towers, was born in respect of Virgo some of these flaws, and the most prominent defects Virgo following: [3]

Search for the perfect

It believes that Virgo looking for perfection in every aspect of his life, and notes flaws and focus before noting the positives, and spend a long time in the evaluation and criticism and ask about everything, and make sure it was the way the ideal, and do not tolerate even minor details, and can not pass quickly something even if it is true without examination and make sure of it, and leads sometimes to Anfalhm and irritability is unjustified, and they think that all they do is right and ideal without accepting any different way even if they are not much different from their way and their vehicle, so you may find a lot of people do not like to work under their presidency or even work in the team that they are a member of its members. [3]

Obsession with hygiene

This trait associated in search for perfection that make up a large proportion of the figure of the Virgin, Valadhira has a great obsession on the subject of personal cleanliness and hygiene, and the manifestations of this obsession that he is washing his hands constantly, and is more than once to bathe in the day, the washing and cleaning anything Eptall from abroad, and find the sterilization and disinfection for all corners of the place spends time in it, whether at home or at work, and avoid touching things abroad, and replaces his clothes down even if it was clean, with the impossibility to capture anything from the ground, and some see as arrogant As a result of these actions. [3]

Careful money

There is no doubt that the majority of people are keen on their money, but the Virgin more than others keen, you may find it has more than one bank account in more than one bank, and is keen on the presence of a large reserve of money in his possession, and takes into consideration the reasons and motives of all the amount of financial before cashed or disposed of , and may not buy only the necessary and basic needs and distract from matters of luxury non-essential, and looking for ways greater to provide money as possible, and those who do these actions and behaviors great for fear of the future and what holds him, he feared the occurrence of any event that it needs funds. [ 3]

Fear of the disease

Virgin personal character by nature eager and wary of problems, and perhaps the most can be human is to worry about his health and his fear of the disease, so find the Virgin possessed fear severe that get sick, and has a obsession and fear of germs and Almaekerobac, and spends considerable time reading magazines and health articles in order to increase consciousness and learn preventive and precautionary protection measures from diseases and viruses, and avoid public places and crowded for fear of transmission of the disease that has an infection, may even apologize for attending a ceremony or a seminar which gathered a large number of people, and when the review of a doctor or laboratory medical it always wants re-examination or re-diagnosis to make sure that it is correct and to increase accuracy even if the sound or analysis results were negative. [3]

Mute feelings

The nature of the Virgin introverts and isolated, it is a personal living in her thoughts private and her world, where born Gemini reveal the feelings of love or admiration fear for fear of distorting the ideal image in front of others, it has always been the ideal person disciplined, which is an example for all, and fear of being seen as a less than perfect person who is looking for, the Kutum feelings and hide, and is careful not to know the nature of one of his feelings and trying to evade them and undeniable, and this is reflected negatively on his life drowning in grief and depression. [3]

Quick to judge others

Believed that the Virgin Mary called judgments on others very quickly, and evaluate people based on his own views, and rush to express his opinion on attitudes and events without a deep position to understand, and without understanding the motives to do and study the causes and purpose of doing it, it may lead to the release of negative thoughts and building internal convictions and positions of wrong between him and the same, may lead to misunderstanding and interruption of kinship for years or terminate relations entirely, in addition to the destruction of its relations with society as a whole. [4]


It is the pessimism of the qualities that have characterized the Virgo, and can be defined pessimism as mental behavior expected results of unwanted events, and tends to focus on the negatives and amplified, and ignoring the positives and out, and seen the person Almchaim to the empty half of the cup, has the tendency pessimism affects all areas of thinking in different walks of life, the person may refrain from doing pessimistic a particular job only because he thinks that this action will fail and will not achieve the desired results. [5]


People around the Virgin difficulty might find in tossing him, he is someone sticking to his opinion, beyond the border, and is characterized by stubbornness, nor the waiver accept his opinion even if it cost him a lot it does not accept the other opinion, may lead obstinacy to the aggravation of the situation and Azdiadh worse, it may be a positive stubbornness when be on the right principles and on sensitive issues do not accept complacency in, but it is negative when it is in the position of potentially different views and perspectives that could open up new horizons. [5]


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