Disadvantages Taurus

Disadvantages Taurus


  • 1 Taurus
  • 2 defects Taurus 2.1 jealousy 2.2 stubbornness 2.3 laziness 2.4 dependency 2.5 imbalance 2.6 Physical 2.7 Ownership 2.8 inwardness 2.9 Strain speed 2.10 indifference to the feelings of others
  • 2.1 jealousy
  • 2.2 stubbornness
  • 2.3 laziness
  • 2.4 dependency
  • 2.5 imbalance
  • 2.6 Physical
  • 2.7 Ownership
  • 2.8 inwardness
  • 2.9 Strain speed
  • 2.10 indifference to the feelings of others
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Born Taurus owners between 20 April to 20 of the month of May, one floor towers, the second ranking in the circle of towers astronomical, strongly consistent with the twin towers of Scorpio and cancer, the planet's ruler is the planet Venus, and the lucky numbers are 2, 6, 9 12, 24, and is characterized by baby boomers generally the bull that they are patient and pragmatic too, plus they Athlon a sense of high responsibility, and have access to the complete stability in their lives, and they love to be surrounded by always beautiful and attractive things, as they are realistic too, that this Details may not apply to all of this was born in the tower. [1]

Disadvantages Taurus

Born Taurus is characterized by many negative qualities, but they may not apply to all born bull, including: [2] [3]


Feel born Taurus jealous of those who are the best of them, especially from the physical and professional terms, they seek always to become rich and they love to be the best in this area, as this applies to the relationship with the partner, they feel intense jealousy when they feel that someone else could be obsessed for his attention.


Is born bull is very stubborn personalities, especially if they are completely convinced that they are right and that the other is wrong, they insist on their opinion until the end does not relinquish it nor replace it anyway, and when born bull depends a certain routine in their lives, it is very difficult to convince them Ptbdelh ; So because they like stability and preferences change.


Characterized by baby boomers generally bull lazy, they love to sit and lie down without doing anything, and they like to relax throughout the day the deportees themselves for the tasks of life hard labor, and this is due to their love to enjoy and spend time Walmsley more than doing useful things, and also due to the quiet nature that prefer not to delve into things.


Born Taurus total dependence on others preferred; In order to get the rest, and they also do not know how to take care of themselves and others always what they need to provide assistance to them, so they have to get rid of this trait; Because it may hinder a lot of goals in their lives, because the people who depend on them may not be able to presence around them constantly.

Lack of balance

Born bull usually has difficulty balancing work times and rest times, they also love their work and love are to have fun and comfortable but it is difficult to happen at the same time, so they have to divide their time as required by their lives.


Tends born bull to love luxurious and comfortable life, as it has multiple plans in order to reach this goal, so they work in order to provide this quality of life and seek to get rich always, and then when they get the money they want they spend in order to provide life luxury for themselves and full of luxury appearances, but the negative character here show when born bull interest is limited to materialism and ignoring the moral aspects of their lives, what some of them leading to drowning in the material world.


Is born bull of people who love control and ownership considerably, particularly with regard to emotional ties to or those closest to them, and their attachment to the world's material may make them loving to assemble things and acquire them, and Not surprisingly understanding Cling physical Boxiaihm and ascribe great value, and this is what makes people think that live bull lacks maturity, have pestered they like to own things and people, which means the formation of a negative image of them in their minds, but it should be noted here that the baby boomers Taurus love the feeling of security, whether emotionally or physically, and this acquisition provides them with feeling of safety they need.


Born bull is not considered people who love or can speak with all people or all the time, but tend to be open only with people close to them, and not really interested in the atmosphere celebrations, they do not know how to engage in the crowd and prefer to do this as well , so they have few friends, but they were very close, and this is due to the quiet nature more than being noisy, and also prefer the atmosphere that is consistent with the nature of any that are not infested with which they may consider of sound nuisance.


Is characterized by baby boomers bull sometimes they are impressionable emotion and they also Hado foul and do not consider people Allenin, while they show the appearance of Pacific Lin person copyright, but they really are not cool with this degree, they may explode in the faces of those around them Sadamin them the character of an angry hidden inside, this happens for example when entering in the case of severe depression, or when they are next to people who do not feel comfortable to them.

Indifference to the feelings of others

One of the most prominent qualities that characterize most of born Taurus is that they do not care about the feelings of others, nor are giving people important to remember, and this is what makes many people angry with them and even shy away from them most often, sometimes understanding of acting great brusquely may use a bad way in treat others indifferent to the impact of this in them, and this is due to be born in the bull are not people who are sensitive or emotional, so they can not notice whether they are causing harm to people's feelings, and even if you noticed, this is not considered to be of great importance to have especially if the person is sensitive or emotionally. [4]


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