Disadvantages Pisces

Disadvantages Pisces


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Occupying a Pisces last arrangement between the towers group astronomical consisting of twelve towers, and born in the tower are the people who were born between the nineteenth of the month of February and until the twentieth of the month of March, which is a water tower, water and race, and its logo is a pair of fish swim in opposite directions, while the affected born this tower Bkkban, namely: Jupiter, Neptune, and the colors favorite are blue, green, yellow, [1] while more towers compatible with Pisces are Cancer, Scorpio, and the Virgin, and the least consensus is pregnancy, and the lion, and bow. [2]

Disadvantages Pisces

Pisces has born a lot of beautiful and distinctive qualities, but there are some disadvantages that may characterize, including the following: [3]

  • Passionate significantly: Pisces born deal with emotional situations in a way, it may be a good thing, but at times it becomes sensitive and emotionally excessively to the point where difficult to deal with him.
  • Dreamer and run away from the confrontation: enjoy Pisces born character of a dreamy, which may be one of the bad traits that characterize this tower owners, where he is making his effort to escape from the difficult situations facing rather than face them, and feel that the more time passes it will be just fine; Believing that it saves himself from the situation, this may put him in greater problems.
  • Finds difficult to decide: can not live Pisces take its decisions decisively, as his dreamy and unrealistic may make him unable to make decisions properly and the right time.
  • It does not like to make the effort: This is characteristic of the bad traits that characterize born of the tower, as it moves away from the work that needs to be effortless, which may cause him problems in his work, especially as it may postpone its work to the last possible moment.
  • It sees things negatively: Due to personal dreamy Pisces born, and his inability to confrontation; It is always seen great things passively, and pessimistic, especially when going through a problem, it begins to see the negative side of them without resort to resolve them.
  • Volatility in the mood: become Pisceans sometimes moody, so that people around him who believe they are acting in this way, because born in Pisces are known for the large tower by helping others and give them the patience to deal with their mood.
  • Ideal excess excessive and trust others: trust Pisceans others easily, which is perfect with them greatly, as it can follow them and believe them without thinking of anything else, and even if passed bad with them experiences, he sees only what is positive and distinctive have; It thus facilitates the manipulation and exploitation by others.

Pisces features

Born in Pisces is characterized by a number of positive features makes them people loved, and these qualities as follows: [4]

  • Quick-witted: This tower has born high intuition, as it is quick-witted, and can understand others without an interview.
  • Cream and Giver: The recipe of the qualities of generosity that is characterized by Pisces born, where he would not hesitate to meet the demands of others and their needs.
  • Social: Fluent Pisceans make friends, and to establish relationships with others, and always try to help them.
  • Compassionate and loving: The whale is born personal compassionate and loving to others, as the distinctive style and their ability to help people make them attractive and loved.
  • Talented and has a hunch strong: is characterized by Pisces born as a very talented, and has a lot of creative ideas, it relies heavily on his intuition and imagination to understand the circumstances of things going through, or any other change has faced in his life, making it superior and brilliant.
  • Ambition: Due to personal dreamy Pisces born, and his intuition strong in life, it has a high ambition makes him doing his best; To achieve the dreams of his dreams and all what he wants.
  • Tolerant: Born Pisces is described as a tolerant person, and loves others as much as his love for himself, does not deal with them selfishly, even if they have sinned against him.
  • Romantic: fluent Pisces born empathy with others and show love to them, high and make it succeed in His romance relationships, especially emotional ones.

Pisces with family and friends

Described born Pisces Ikhlaas extreme kindness with his friends and his family, it is often to satisfy them seek and meet their needs before personal needs, and do not hesitate to show his feelings of love for them and give them respect, loyalty and honesty, where he is present whenever there is a problem with a friend, and to do its utmost to resolve them without hesitation , the owner of the tower is that most of the people attached to the family, where he finds comfort amid his family and does not like to stay away from them, and always stays close to them. [5]

Pisces love tower

Enjoy born Pisces with a pure heart and affectionate and very sensitive, and they are good, where they are always seeking partners to make sacrifices; In order to satisfy their loved ones and make them happy, as they have an emotional character, kind, and understanding, and perfect, while Pisceans is not afraid to show his feelings for the partner of his life and over-tender for, and is characterized as a romantic, and in, and loyal to the beloved, and this is what makes his relationship with a beautiful partner The distinctive and powerful.

Pisces at work

Born in Pisces tends to work humanitarian functions that need care, such as medicine, teaching, community work, as it is a creative, innovative and superior in his work, and there are some other professions that suit the owners of this tower, such as: working in the field of media, and the arts forms varied, writing , hair, interior design, engineering and architecture, photography, known for born Pisces he struggles and excels in his work in order to reach job satisfaction and get promoted in his career and achieve his dreams, and also active in charity and volunteer work and offers all his creative ideas; To make this world a better place. [2]


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