Disadvantages man Taurus

Disadvantages man Taurus


  • 1 Taurus
  • 2 defects man Taurus 2.1 cares about appearances 2.2 material 2.3 indifference feelings 2.4 stubbornness 2.5 laziness
  • 2.1 cares about appearances
  • 2.2 material
  • 2.3 indifference feelings
  • 2.4 stubbornness
  • 2.5 laziness
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Taurus is a tower one floor towers, and generates his companions between 20 April to 20 May, and is ranked second in the zodiac astronomical, and is compatible with the twin towers of Scorpio, Cancer, ruled by the planet Venus, and lucky numbers are: 2, 6, 9, 12.24, generally characterized by baby boomers tower as pragmatists very settled, as they love pink colors, and they love to work in the areas of cooking, music, and tend to the admiration of all that is beautiful, understanding of the characters that you love to be surrounded by beauty and luxury, but this Details may not apply to Djemba-born bull. [1]

Disadvantages man Taurus

Each tower has many flaws as it has advantages, and is characterized by a man Taurus with a number of negatives, but the negatives may not apply this to all the men of Taurus, including: [2] [3] [4]

Cares about appearances

Is characterized by men Taurus that they are focusing on appearances sometimes too much and attach the utmost importance, forgetting the essence, which is the most important, and they therefore tend to judge people by their appearance rather than their essence, which leads them to be judged wrong, they believe that the appearance It is a reflection of what is inside human, but this belief may not always be true as they think.


Is considered the physical characteristics of the most prominent qualities of men bull, they love to collect valuables and be always surrounded by all that is a luxury, and they also care much about money and spend their lives in the collected; In order to provide a comfortable life for themselves, and they accordingly this is not Asttehun looking at the world and life from the perspective of the person who hopes to change, but they deal with reality as it is, and that's what makes them lack the imagination needed to improve the world and its development.

Feelings of indifference

Omits the bull men about their feelings and turn them often, they do not consider the emotional characters, and do not really care about matters of spirituality, and this trait is considered unpopular in them, they do not really know the importance of passion, but confine themselves in the context of a good life and by.


Is men bull more people stubborn, especially when they engage in debates, they do not change easily their minds and cling to their beliefs often without pay close interest to them if they are right or wrong, and when a man who wants the bull to do something it will not back down with him no matter what happens, but It is insisting it will remain no matter what it cost him.


One of the most prominent qualities of a man bull is that lazy, he likes to sit without doing anything and enjoy this, it has a great ambition and knows its path in life, but he may not possess the will and determination sufficient in order to promote and achieve what he wants.


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