Disadvantages man Leo

Disadvantages man Leo


  • 1 Leo
  • 2 defects lion man 2.1 disingenuous 2.2 bossy 2.3 lack of patience 2.4 laziness 2.5 lack of flexibility 2.6 selfish and narcissistic
  • 2.1 disingenuous
  • 2.2 bossy
  • 2.3 lack of patience
  • 2.4 laziness
  • 2.5 lack of flexibility
  • 2.6 selfish and narcissistic
  • 3 References


Leo is one of the towers firearms, and generates his companions between 23 July to 22 August, and Tertbah fifth in the circle of towers astronomical, and is compatible with the twin towers of Aquarius and Gemini, and ruled by the sun, the lucky numbers are: 1: 3, 10, 19 is characterized by generally born in the tower that they are creative and passionate too, Karimon and have a good heart, as they Athlon with a sense of humor, and are considered persons who possess leadership skills innately what qualifies them always to succeed, and their confidence high for themselves too, and know how to solve problems, but these qualities may not apply to all the lion born. [1]

Disadvantages Alchemilla

A man is characterized by Leo some negatives, but these negatives may not apply to all the men of the tower, including: [1] [2] [3] [4]


A man lion may be very tricky sometimes, in order to get what he wants, and they also like to always be the center of attention, Afeeamdoon to deception in order to draw attention to them, and this understanding of the deal in this way in the workplace so as to show the best appearance in order to get the upgrade always.


A man Assad is characterized as bossy too tends to control the people around him, and believed that everyone should obey him, especially if it was in a position of strength, and this is due to its nature, which is characterized by Balkiedah, and that he does not like to hear the words of any one and executed, but likes to be the boss in all things around him and obedience.

Lack of patience

Men Assad does not have a lot of patience, they can not wait too long, especially with regard to emotional relationships, if the partner of the kind that does not give himself entirely to him, it is possible to abandon him, and it is because he does not like to stand in the middle of things, but it prefers to take a clear position and frank of all,


Laziness is considered one of the most prominent qualities of the lion man, although he is very active in his work, but he is lazy in other situations, preferably the others to serve him to serve himself.

Lack of flexibility

Is not a man of lion people elastin who people Axhm easily, it is a fairly sharp foul and no one can control him or force him to do something even if all this was through the friendliness, it is not swayed by others desires and do not affect it.

Selfish and narcissistic

A man Assad knows that people egoists too, and this is because they want to reach strongly their goals leads to ignore the people around them and dispose of them selfishly, and they build on this love to talk about themselves too much in order to show themselves, and in return they do not like to listen to the stories of people.


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