Disadvantages man Cancer

Disadvantages man Cancer


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Is both born in the period between the day atheist and the month of June until the second day of the month of July of the owners of Cancer, which is located in the sixth arrangement within the towers group astronomical consisting of twelve towers, and the race is water , and affects the baby boomers tower planet moon, which makes their nature sensitive, while the character is crab, which refers to motherhood and their love of care, as baby boomers that prefer the tower some colors for others, a silver, white, green, light blue, while lap favorite pearl and emerald numbers luck is the 2nd, 7, 11, 6, 20, 25, and corresponds to the cancer tower with several generally towers, a Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces, and be Capricorn opposite the tower his tower, as it is not compatible with the born Aquarius and Libra Tower, and Gemini. [1]

Disadvantages man Cancer

A man Cancer may tend to stress and nervousness, and sometimes prefer to stay away from others and stay lonely and introverted; So as not to be harmed or hurt his feelings, and can be described as a man of cancer that he has a mysterious figure, and it is not easy to understand and know his thoughts, as dealt with may be difficult, and needs to be an effort of the ability to approach him, earning his trust and his love, as it is very emotional and sensitive forgiveness can not offend him or lie on it, and can not predict the backlash if he did find out where it has completely reversed and turn those feelings of love for others to hate and no.

He has a man cancer personal romantic too, since that when he likes and decides to link it offers all they have to partner, but at the same time likes to own and control and feel jealous dramatically, which leads to uncertainty and loss of confidence between them sometimes, and always afraid of splitting or moving away from him ; Which leads to a lot of problems between them, especially as it is characterized by difficulty to please him somewhat extreme stubbornness, and can not convince him the opposite of what is believed; He does not believe only what he wants and what convinced him only, so it is necessary to put some limits on what he wants both sides to continue the relationship and be successful. [2] [3] [4]

Disadvantages Cancer

Cancer is born of discerning people, who own a lot of fine qualities, but anyone who is not without some negative qualities and flaws in his character, and these defects as follows: [5]

  • Mood swings: is one of the negative qualities that characterize cancer born to fickle temperament, and changed quickly, it may be happy and after a brief moment it becomes sad; Making others find it difficult to deal with.
  • Pessimism and negative: Born cancer is seen to the negative side of the events that are going through in his life, and often away from thinking positively, which may sometimes affect it and make it in a bad condition.
  • The inability to tolerance: Born cancer can not forget the abuse or harm that may be caused by others to him, where he may exhibit hatred for those who hurt his feelings for life.
  • Anaphylaxis: Born cancer is described in excess allergy; Which may make it affected the smallest things and things, where he can not be is predictable and predictable; Which makes dealing with him and very difficult to understand.
  • Imaginative: Born cancer tends to think and conclusion based on his imagination, and get away from reality in dealing with others; Making him into some problems with them, which lead to the disorder of their relationship.

Features man Cancer

A man has many positive and beautiful qualities of Cancer; Which makes it unique among other astronomical towers, and these qualities as follows: [2] [6]

  • Nice: A man cancer is characterized as a personal caring, nice and thin, and gives a lot of loved attention and care, as it seeks to help others, making it a friend endearing.
  • Intuitive: Man cancer has a strong intuition; Makes him able to understand other people's feelings, thoughts, analysis, and work to always satisfy them, especially with regard to his relationship with emotional.
  • Trustworthy: A man is characterized by severe cancer byE.Salvation towards his family and friends, so can family and friends easily trust and rely upon, and recourse to it when needed.
  • Romantic: A man has cancer romantic character, especially in the emotional relationship, as it creates an appropriate atmosphere of love and romance and seeks to make his partner happy.
  • Organizer: A man cancer is described as someone who cares about the outside appearance and elegance dramatically, likes the arrangement and organization and cleanliness of the place where it resides, and hates chaos and can not sit in the scatter place. [7]

How to deal with a man Cancer

Can resort to some means and tips for the ability to deal with a man of cancer, and to maintain a strong relationship with him and distinctive, and this means the following: [7]

  • Due to the personal organization of cancer it must appear neat and beautiful in front of him look, and arrange the place and organize and keep it clean, and if there are some things that you need time to organize them like paper is organized and stacked, they can be asked to help, as it will initiate immediately to help.
  • Born cancer is described as a personal loving and compassionate, loves the family atmosphere is great, and he loves to see his family and friends happy, so it must be dealt with as such, but in the emotional relationships can get the heart of the owner of the tower through closer to his family, his mother and visit them and talk about Aijayatem and stay away from the negatives mentioned, in addition to talking to him on the composition of a happy family stable and have children someday, which is one of the most important dreams that seeks to achieve a man of cancer.
  • You should avoid spontaneous when dealing with a man of cancer, and not to provide any ideas sudden and suggestions, or ask him without the boot so, as the owner of this tower is always preferred to regulate all aspects of his life different, and planning well before doing or do anything.
  • Do Bmdha and appreciation and Mjammelth, and tell them the extent of its splendor, and praise his words about his appearance or his skills or anything of his personality, as flattery makes man cancer feel good about himself, but should note that these are compliments realistic, true and accurate because if felt otherwise so it turns away and become comfortable in this relationship.
  • Enjoy man cancer personality emotional, and tends to be stubborn in his views and beliefs, it must be dealt with on this basis, and therefore when it is wrong, it must advise him to correct this error, but must be in a manner articulate and convincing, and when he is angry and upset; It should be dealt with calmly and not to respond to it, and wait until the rest of his own, and then talk to him.


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