Disadvantages Lion Tower

Disadvantages Lion Tower


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Leo period starting from July 23 to 22 August and is believed to be of colors favorite golden, yellow, orange, features a lion tower and high self-confidence and leadership that enable him to achieve all that is difficult to achieve, can also be relied upon simply he can solve all that is Asir and difficult, as well as the awareness and ongoing growth has can have access to what he wants with ease, and enjoy the lion tower owners completely absolute courage, such as his name (king of the jungle), he is facing all that stands in a way because it is impossible to challenge him. [1] [2]

Disadvantages Lion Tower

Each group of defects tower, as there is a group of defects tower lion, including the following: [3]

  • Stubbornness: hard to convince Leo he is opinionated and decisions, making him unwilling to hear other points of view.
  • Selfishness: Leo loves himself to the point of selfishness, he gives the same importance on the other, making this one of the obstacles in the way of his dreams.
  • Jealousy: Because of the competitive nature of the lion and his love of the challenge, it may feel jealous when you see the successes of others, or when you see a more skilled person and talent from him what brings him success so you may feel jealous of them, and often be positive jealousy.
  • Vanity: The Lion tends to behave arrogantly and impolite way he tends to approach this with the people close to him, and of course such a bad recipe for selfish added.
  • Ownership: ownership loves the lion he likes to draw attention and bring attention to him, and that the attention around him and make him feel important.
  • Anger: The Lion can not wait he wants everything quickly he does not like to wait, which makes him feel anxious and stress may thus it leads him to failure.
  • Control: Assad likes to control the all around him and everything he has, and wants everyone to follow, so you may find people who do not like to stay with this tower owners.
  • Greatness: the lion is believed to be the center of the universe and can attract all that is around it, and it is characterized by superior to them, and is believed to be more important than everyone else.
  • Love Revenge: When the anger of Assad could retaliate against the people who harm him, and this is one of the worst defects of the lion.

Leo features

A set of features that characterize the lion tower, including the following: [4]

  • Take care around him: Assad enjoys his generosity and generosity that is used in the care of those around him, and all they have for it.
  • Optimism: you can see the bright and positive side of anything no matter how hard and bad, which can cope with all the obstacles and difficulties.
  • Lovable nature: can not think of any person who could be the leader in the foreground like a lion, he has a nice personality that attracts people to him, and the enormous and its ability to organize, which makes it inherently very popular.
  • Kindness: always feel responsibility towards others, making it gently lasting and love to help others act closely, to make sure that around him feel happy because of the warm and compassionate heart.
  • Sincerity: Assad enjoys byE.Salvation he has loyalty to his friends and acquaintances and all who is close to him.
  • Honesty also enjoy honesty he does not like to lie never, so he will not lie to you, tends to openly and clearly with those around him, does not like that tricks and lying in order to please or convince others.
  • The pursuit of attention: it can not be boring he is always looking for excellence and progress of achievements in order to draw attention, and loves to share attention with others as he likes to light remains hanging on it alone.

Family and friendship when Leo

Believed to be born Leo characterized as good friends, as they are always trying to help who is their need whatever cost them from time or effort, they are strong they can trust them, so they have the great ability to attract friends to them, as it rarely may see anyone born this tower sits alone, because they increase their sense of self-esteem and awareness during their interaction with those around them. [1]

As for the family believed that family matters are not their first priority, and lies in the tendency of independence at the earliest opportunity may be available to them even though they anything to protect their families and loved ones. [1]

Practical life when Leo

As for their professional lives they feature Leo that they are ambitious too, and doing all their energies at work, helping them in that are their personalities Kelloukh, and can a lion to be a leader of a great team, but also can be subordinate by another person with the least amount of control because of his talents and intelligence, so it is believed that the jobs that fit their personalities that allow them to express open, such as: art, entertainment, and representation, and may be administrative, political or education appropriate for them jobs jobs, by virtue of love lion things expensive it is to spend money as easily as it is generous too, and his friends can support financially in difficult times, which makes him feel good. [1]

Love at the Lion Tower

Believed to be born in Leo have the audacity in love often, they Evsahon about their feelings without fear or hesitation, they are also known for their often commitment and do anything to encourage and support their loved ones, though, so they in turn are looking for attention and care from the other party to flourish and grow the relationship between them, [5] also features born Leo personality humor granulocytes which will try hard to show the partner, it is also preferred to experience things, he prefers to identify people through events and attitudes, as he often likes to take matters. [6]


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