Disadvantages Gemini

Disadvantages Gemini


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Is Gemini of the wind towers, extending his term from 21 May to 20 June, the colors favorite light green and yellow, believed to be born in the tower have inside them two different figures so that the opposite person they do not know you will face, characterized by one of the fun and the ability to communicate with others, either the other is almost to be serious, concerned or introverts, so we may find many of the advantages and disadvantages that may be characterized by the Gemini. [1]

Disadvantages Gemini

There are many negative qualities that may be characterized by some Gemini, and these qualities as follows:

  • Frequency: Because of extreme intelligence enjoyed by some Gemini, they may be known for their analytical clicks of character lead to their reluctance greatly in making some decisions, especially critical and large ones. [2]
  • Irreverent: he believes that the Gemini has known for their impulsive and reckless at times, due to their love for adventure and experience all that is new, but can this trait can lead them to make some decisions reckless or wrong, which may lead them not to achieve their goals or their access to the right choice quickly. [2]
  • Are not responsible: believe that some born Gemini had known for their non-compliance and the ability to take responsibility, due to their enthusiasm and haste that their might lead to avoid doing any of the tedious activities, and this may adversely affect their commitment with the people who communicate with them. [2]
  • Curious: some may be characterized by intense born Gemini curious tower which could turn into a type of intrusion if it exceeds a reasonable limit, this may be characteristic of annoying qualities, especially for people who do not like to share their secrets with others. [2]
  • Apathy and lack of interest: believe that Gemini people are not Alatefaan, where they do not feel guilty about anything, and this neglect may lead them to give up anything and the lack of attention to the feelings of other people in their lives. [3]
  • Chaos: believes that some born Gemini may not enjoy the high sense of organization and order, they often are anarchists and dispersed in different circumstances, especially when it comes to work, as this may affect their ability to complete and organize their affairs to the fullest. [3]

Gemini features

There are many qualities that may be characterized by the Gemini-born and that may be found to have no other because of the duplication of their personalities, and these qualities as follows:

  • Kablon adaptable: believes that Gemini may be Kablon to adapt to different circumstances and situations that they may encounter, and this is because of their love for the adventures of fun and daring, as they are fully prepared to try anything even if it was for once at least, can also be described as tinkled very so that they can keep up with the current always, they have many new ideas every time. [2]
  • Escolar: believes that the Gemini people are escolar often, they know how to communicate and connect with others, and often have nothing to share it, so beloved of their presence is always what they add to the joy of the place. [2]
  • Smart: The reason for the existence of interesting things always interesting when Gemini is Atsafhm intelligent often, they love learning and searching for what is new, and because of excessive curiosity, which led to the discovery of many new things and extraordinary. [2]
  • Joyful: he believes that most of the Gemini had known for their fun and love to laugh, so you can spend a long time with them without feeling Palmml, they have a high sense of humor, which helps to get rid of boredom during presence with them, in addition to their ability to go out and invent new ideas at high speed , which helps to create an atmosphere of fun dramatically. [4]
  • Unexpected: believes that the Gemini often are predictable not, they come with all that is new and unexpected every time, and this is due to the reason for possessing two different figures so you can not expect them to understand not going down on one style or specific. [4]
  • Karimon: believes that Gemini has known for their generosity and generosity. This is due to the kindness and love to help others, as they are willing to share the needs them, which may exist have, as they are more people who expect their presence in the activities and charities because of their love to participate in various community activities. [4]
  • Independent: believed to be born Gemini characterized by independent Bchksyatem that will help them make their way in life without having to undergo one another, they prefer to experience all that is new freely and do change and renewal without allowing one to dictate their actions. [5]

Gemini and his relationship with friends and family tower

Believed to be born Gemini have the ability to many attract friends, as it is because they are people escolar leave a good impact when both know them, but they may be absent for a period of time in order to identify friends or new places, and can be relied upon often in the provision of advice or taking tips, but despite being social workers, but they might want some time to themselves. [6]

Also believed that they like to spend time with their families and friends, especially some family members who are to smaller ones, as they are always looking for understanding and harmony, they consider their families things are very important in their lives, as we find them known for their calm and humility with those who shared their home, even though the large number of responsibilities they may face towards their families and that may be annoying to them, but they will try hard to accomplish their duties effective manner and to the fullest. [1]


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