Disadvantages Capricorn

Disadvantages Capricorn


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Capricorn owners are people born between the twenty-second period of the month of December (December), and even on the nineteenth of January (January) each year, which is a dirt towers with the twin towers of the Virgin and the bull, and affects the planet Saturn, while occupying Capricorn ranking tenth among the towers group astronomical consisting of twelve towers, the astronomical symbol is a goat, and is compatible with several towers, namely: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and the lion, and Scorpio, and Sagittarius, and Pisces, is not compatible with Aquarius and Libra, Gemini , but Cancer is the most suited to life as a partner of Capricorn Tower, and the colors they preferred black and brown. [1] [2]

Disadvantages Capricorn

The Tower of Capricorn a set of negative qualities that may be characterized by some of the baby boomers, like the tower of towers, including the following: [3]

  • Narcissist to a large extent: The Capricorn people born narcissist, he likes himself a very large degree to the extent that they may reach vanity sometimes; Thereby alienating people from it, and move away from it, and not mixing the composition or friendship with him.
  • Volatility in the mood: suffering born serious swings in temperament and psychological condition between the moment and the other, and can not sometimes distinguish between the time of the grandfather, and the time of fun, Sometimes showing joy signs, and sometimes feel sad, and can not predict when will be a good condition.
  • Pessimism: sometimes unable to live serious optimism and positive thinking tower, he often sees only the negative side of the events that are going through in his life, and expect bad things and miserable, as the recipe pessimism overwhelm his personality.
  • Inwardness: likes born Capricorn always independence, stay alone, and do not mind that stayed in one place for a long time, as he prefers to stay away from others, and not mixing with them, and isolation from them, as it may be up to and described the stage as a person introvert.
  • Stick to the opinion: stubbornness is one of the negative qualities of a newborn Capricorn, where he insists on his opinion and stick to his ideas, even if they are wrong, and believed that its decisions are best; Which leads others to move away from working with him.
  • Exaggerate the seriousness: Capricorn born is described as a serious person significantly, he does not like a joke, and a little fun in all aspects of his life, whether at work or with friends, and even with his family and his life partner. [4]
  • Hypersensitivity: born has serious personal sensitive, where he can not forgive the mistakes of the right, or if he feels that someone make fun of him. [4]

Features Capricorn

It has been characterized by Capricorns several positive qualities; Makes them distinct and loved by others, and some of these qualities as follows: [5]

  • Disciplined: One of the positive qualities of discipline enjoyed by the born Capricorn, where he is working seriously and commitment, and respect the laws and rules that put him and opposers, and it makes him a successful manager and a leading special.
  • Economist: born Capricorn is described as an economic person; Since the process of his personality makes him able to achieve great results in its work with minimal effort and cost possible, because of his superior ability to plan and organize, as it can work with many projects at once.
  • Savior: Although born Capricorn does not have a lot of friends, but when it takes a friend to be faithful and loyal to him strongly, with the advantage of being a wonderful friend and distinctive seeks to help if I need one of them.
  • Ambitious: Born Capricorn tends to be long-term planning, and looking forward to the future, he is doing his best to reach success and achieve its goals and dreams they wish to achieve, always trying to reach the summit.
  • Patient: possess born serious patience and caution extreme when doing do something or accomplish a particular task, or take an important decision, or when building relationships with others, or even when his decision to enter into a relationship, he is patient and think well before doing any step.
  • Realistic: born Capricorn is characterized as a realistic person, where he is a dreamer and moving away from fantasy and illusions, live reality as it is, where he is always trying to focus on the negatives and try to repair before you look at the positives. [4]
  • Romantic: Featuring a Capricorn born romantic and sentimental character, always looking for stability in his relationship with his partner. [4]
  • Practical: born has a serious personal process, and has the ability to rational and logical thinking, as it works to cope with the difficulties facing it, and deal with the facts in a positive way, always trying to make his world a better place. [6]

Capricorn work tower

Featuring born seriously as a practical and committed to the ethics of work, so it is one of the most successful towers in his career, he is doing his best to succeed and achieve their dreams they wish, and painted in advance, and thus succeed in many professions more than others, and this business education profession, Vmolod Capricorn has a personal leadership and firm and has a high ability to control and control, in addition to sweetening a tremendous amount of patience; Making it has the ability to adjust the students in the classroom, dealing with them is beautiful and likable manner. [7]

There are other works fit born Capricorn, including financial functions such as accounting and finance, he is a very structured, and is capable of planning how long, as he is very adept at dealing with numbers, calculations, and the study of economic feasibility for future projects, while also programming is one of the functions that fit born of Capricorn, although many people may find them boring, but the owners of this tower like it and enjoy doing it, and working to detect and resolve problems, and other professions that fit born serious work as chief executive or director of human resources, or Purchasing manager, or business areas related to science or architecture. [7]


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