Diet to get rid of the rumen

Diet to get rid of the rumen


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Accumulate fat paunchy in the midsection and around the abdominal area, studies have shown that these fats associated with higher heart disease and blood vessels, diabetes, and some types of cancer, premature death, can be diagnosed with these fats through waist circumference, and the ratio of waist to hip, where rising ocean from 101.6 Centemitra for men, and more than 86.36 Centemitra for women, and it should be noted that the man who is weighed ideal but suffers from high fat on rumen increases the risk of death by 87% compared with those who have weight perfect without increasing the amount of fat around the belly, while increasing the risk of injury to women who have an ideal weight and fat rise in the rumen to have 50% of death compared with women who possess a natural weight and suffer from fat rumen. [1] [2]

Diet to get rid of the rumen

It is recommended by following a balanced diet and exercise to lose weight slowly, and is recommended when you follow a diet to get rid of fat rumen cut calories compared with that burned body consumption with an average of 500 calories daily to 1000 calories a day, which contributes to decrease half a kilogram to a kilogram one week, plus it is recommended practice of physical exercise, including high density where frequent training it increases the representation rate of food is also, as is recommended to avoid diets that restrict one food groups, or longer decrease the large amounts of pounds in a short period, these systems are called obsessively diet (in English: Fad diets) dating back quickly as soon cease to follow, also affect the body's ability to lose weight later. [3]

Tips to get rid of the rumen

The following tips explain the most important points that can be followed to get rid of the rumen: [4] [5] [6]

  • Avoid consumption of sugar and sweetened drinks: where is added is unhealthy sugar, as it negatively affects the metabolic health, forming sugar of glucose and fructose, which is food represented in the liver, and when large amounts of added sugar consumption it accumulate in the liver and turn into fat in it In the rumen, leading to the development of insulin resistance and other metabolic disorders, it is worth mentioning that sugary drinks are considered the worst since the brain does not realize Saratha the same way that realizes the prices of solid foods, so consumption causes increased calorie intake, and clarified many Studies that drinking sweetened beverages is associated with increased risk of obesity by 60% in children at each share of it consumption, it should be noted that this does not apply to grain consumption of fruit; As it is considered healthy and provide the body with fiber that reduce the harmful effect of fructose.
  • Increased consumption of protein: protein is considered as the most important nutrients in weight loss, it was found that it reduces the cravings for food by 60%, boosts metabolism by 80-100 calories a day, as it contributes to reducing the intake of calories the amount of up 441 calories, also contributes to the lack of restoration of weight loss, and found some evidence that the protein is effective in the fight against fat rumen, and are related to the quantity and quality inversely with fat rumen, where the largest quantity and better quality of protein consumption reduces the fat, and the sources of this protein , each of: eggs, fish, marine, legumes, foods, nuts, meat, and milk products.
  • Foods rich in fiber consumption: including VSF (in English: Viscous fiber), which mostly consists of plants are not digested in the body, can both soluble fiber in water, and VSF reduce the weight, as they are associated with water and be a gel that is thick in the intestines, which in turn contributes to slow food movement through the digestive system, digestion and absorption of nutrients, causing a feeling of fullness for a long time, in addition to reducing appetite, and found one review articles that adding 14 grams of fiber per day is linked to weight down two kilograms of weight within 4 months, plus to 10% of calories a day, and showed another study for 5 years continued to consumption of 10 grams of soluble fiber in water is linked to a decline estimated at 3.7% in the abdominal cavity, it can also be fiber soluble in water to be effective in reducing fat rumen .
  • Monounsaturated fat: such as those found in avocados, nuts, olives, soybeans, seed consumption, where he found that the consumption of these fats as part of the diet contributes to decrease fat rumen, in addition to reducing the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, but it should be noted that although these fats are considered healthy fats, but they provide the body with 9 calories per gram, so it is recommended to consume moderate amounts.
  • Attention to the size of quantitative intake: even with healthy food consumption, but it is recommended interest quantity intake, lack of consumption of a large number of calories taken in different place at home or in the restaurant.
  • Reduce stress and tension: as it can lead to hunger selective (in English: Food craving), in addition to the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which causes the storage of fat rumen, and causes chronic stress change in hormones, which leads to increased appetite in the consumption of some high food calories, such as: pizza, ice cream, but it should be noted that acute stress causes loss of appetite, and reduce the feeling of hunger, due to the secretion of the hormone adrenaline. [7]
  • Exercise Sports: where is recommended to exercise 3 types of sport contribute to getting rid of fat rumen, such as: strength exercises, aerobics high intensity, and sports that move many of the muscles of the body, such as: squat with pressure above the head, which contributes to burn calories and high heart rate. [8]


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