Diet for diabetics

Diet for diabetics


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Diet for diabetics

Must be followed by people with diabetes diet particular, to control blood sugar levels, and prevent the occurrence of any of the complications related to this, and this does not mean depriving them of their favorite foods, or prevent them from eating sweets and foods with delicious taste, but they have to pay attention to quotas carbohydrates and fats they consume, it can reduce the symptoms of diabetes through healthy eating, increased physical activity, weight loss, and the most important dietary advice to control diabetes include: [1]

  • Identify sources of refined carbohydrates such as white bread, rice, pasta, as well as soft drinks and desserts, and a lot of fiber-rich carbohydrates that are digested slowly Vthami the body of the production of the hormone insulin in large quantities.
  • Not to eat foods containing sugar unobtrusively such as: canned foods, fast food, pasta sauce, frozen food and ready-to-eat, low-fat meals, and ketchup.
  • Eating healthy fats instead of saturated fats and trans unhealthy.
  • Weight loss, as the loss of 7% of body weight reduces the risk of diabetes in half.
  • Exercise that reduce insulin resistance and help prevent weight loss or increased.

Best food for diabetics

Diabetic diet aims to control sugar levels in the blood, and there are many foods that help, the most important of which: [2]

  • Fatty fish.
  • Green fiber.
  • Cinnamon.
  • eggs.
  • Seeds of Shea.
  • Greek yogurt.

Diet proposed for patients with diabetes

Meal planning depends on body weight and level of physical activity, has planned the following diet for someone who needs from 1200-1600 calories a day Sarhh, which is designed only for one day, and include the following meals: [3]

  • Breakfast: medium slice of full with two tablespoons of jam wheat bread, half a cup of wheat grain, ready-to-eat, with a glass of low-fat milk and a piece of fruit, and coffee.
  • Lunch: sandwich of cheese and vegetables, and a medium-sized apple with two tablespoons of almond butter.
  • Dinner: fish salmon with a teaspoon and a half of the vegetable oil, and a grain of small-sized potato roast, and half a cup of carrots, and the power that contains: a cup and a half of the spinach, half a tomato, a quarter cup of sweet pepper, and a teaspoon of olive oil, a small and a half teaspoon of vinegar, with a cup of unsweetened tea.
  • Snack: ½ cups of popcorn or orange, with half a cup of low-fat cheese.


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