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Desktop components


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Known as the English-language (Desktop), is a colorful screen that appear in front of a computer user after it runs a few minutes, and is considered the main desktop screen for the computer system running, which enable the user to control the computer through which the device completely.

Desktop screen appears back to the first version of the Windows operating system, produced by Microsoft software, and all the upgraded version of Windows versions, keen Microsoft to add a set of updates, and modifications to the desktop screen design suit up with modern technological developments, and with tastes of computer users. The desktop screen interactive screen, providing many ways that help the user Abjahazh control, and the most common of these methods:

  • Control by mouse: is the oldest method of control methods of desktop use, as where the user depends on the mouse connected with a computer, or attached with portable computers, and offers the possibility to use all the options and applications available.
  • Hand control: is the novel way of computer-control methods, which emerged with the emergence of the idea of ​​supported systems touch screens running Windows modern, which is used especially with this type pens of screens, or even possible to use the fingers to control the options, applications and desktop easily desktop.

Desktop components

Is a set of components that make up the desktop, and the most important:


Are shapes, or symbols that are characterized by existing applications in the desktop, each application is loaded on the computer must be associated with a particular icon, and divide the desktop icons to the following two types, namely:

  • Icons Windows system: are all the applications icons that come with the Windows operating system, and is both PC icon, the Recycle Bin (Bin), the profile or as known in some copies on behalf of (my files), are the main icons of the desktop, and which enable the user control most of the characteristics of a computer.
  • Other applications icons: are the icons associated with applications used by the computer user, and different nature based on their own programs, and after downloading any application on a computer, a shortcut to its icon will appear on the desktop directly, referred to as the English the term (Shortcut).

start menu

Is the main menu in the desktop, which provides the user with all applications to control, and icons in the computer, it also offers the possibility of using a set of utility programs for computer users, including applications that provide computer settings control, and different design Start menu with each version of Windows versions .


Is the tape, which is usually located at the bottom of the desktop, and is the Start menu part of it, contains the taskbar on the applications that computer user uses semi-permanent, which is keen to access them at any time, also has tape on the electronic clock, a small bar called the name notification bar, which appears informational messages from the group applications are run permanently.


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