Definition of domestication of animals

Definition of domestication of animals


  • 1 definition of domestication of animals
  • 2 sections of domestic animals
  • 3 the importance of animal domestication
  • 4 animals that are the most prominent human Djnha 4.1 Cows 4.2 sheep and goats 4.3 horses 4.4 donkeys 4.5 camels Pigs 4.6 4.7 rabbits 4.8 Dogs 4.9 Insects 4.10 Bird
  • 4.1 Cows
  • 4.2 sheep and goats
  • 4.3 horses
  • 4.4 donkeys
  • 4.5 camels
  • Pigs 4.6
  • 4.7 rabbits
  • 4.8 Dogs
  • 4.9 Insects
  • 4.10 Bird

Definition of domestication of animals

Dressage is harmony, harmony and good mixing, and the domestication of animals is the process carried out by the human to make certain animals acclimatized and in harmony with him and with the environment by subjecting them to a certain lifestyle, where the domestication process through Dressage and Habituation, then Subjugation and training, as domestication known as domesticated animals so the animals are close to human and in its surroundings, and sponsored Btoaha.

Animal husbandry departments

  • Domesticated animals produced: such as the animals learned from their milk and eggs and meat.
  • Domesticated pets: where they can initially take advantage of its power in the fishing purposes or tillage or tow vehicles, ending the purposes of authentication.

The importance of animal domestication

  • The exploitation of animals perfectly and effectively; Through access to food and clothing, including, where human benefit from the milk, meat and wool.
  • The exploitation of animals in various activities and work carried out by human.
  • Scientific research, where some animal species used in conducting this research.
  • Bring pleasure; Where man enjoys with her and bred.

The most prominent human animals Djnha


Historical and scientific studies indicate that cattle domesticated four thousand years ago BC in the south-east of the continent of Asia, and in the south-east of the continent of Europe, and was used to obtain cladding and food, and in many business different, and with progress in the years began to use cows in the production milk, then in the production of dairy products, as some Alhaudb Tdjnha to worship.

Sheep and goats

It believed that the domestication of sheep and goats began in Iraq in order to use the meat in the food, and then uses have evolved over the years, such as the use and wool milk.


Do not know when it began to domesticate horses and where, but it is used as a source of meat and skins, used in the second millennium BC in the wars, and in the year 1675 BC introduced Hyksos to Egypt, and then used to pull carts and in tillage.


Domesticated donkeys in the Nile Valley three thousand years BC before, believed to be the first animals that have been used in the work.

The Camels

It believed that the domestication of the camel is long overdue for the domestication of other animals, were used primarily to carry weight and mobility, as human benefited from their meat and skins, and milk, and Oberha.


It believed that the pigs domesticated in 6500 BC in many regions around the world, pigs domesticated and belong to two originals onshore; Namely: Asian and European.


Do not know when it began the domestication of rabbits, but the French nuns Djnoha in centuries the sixth and tenth centuries, and descended from domesticated rabbits wild assets.


Scientific sources indicate that the dogs were one of the first domesticated animals, because Mlazemtha near human places and livelihood on food waste, and Mlazemtha for fishermen to pick up fishing.


Examples of insects that Djnha human: silkworm used for the production of silk, honey bees used for the production of honey.

the birds

Domesticated birds to take advantage of their eggs and meat, and most popular types of birds that are domesticated:

  • Chicken: Dajan since 3200 years BC.
  • Chicken turkey: Dajan since 5000 years ago BC Indians in Mexico.
  • Ducks: is one of the oldest species of birds Tdgina, the ancient Egyptians were the first to Djnh raised him and Farkha.
  • Geese: I found information about the oldest domesticated geese in ancient Egypt.
  • Bathroom of both types: pigeons and wild pigeons.


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