Definition of clinical psychology

Definition of clinical psychology


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  • 2.1 Definition of Mustafa Kamel
  • 2.2 Definition of Julian Rotter
  • 2.3 Definition of Louis Full Malika
  • 2.4 Field neighbor definition
  • 2.5 Definition of the American Psychological Association
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What clinical psychology

The first to use the concept of clinical psychology is the world Witmer in 1896 in reference to the evaluation and diagnostic procedures that are used with retarded children and the disabled, so the interest in the diagnosis of this science is one of the remains of the definition of Witmer; Where it was the beginning of the process of clinical psychology creates a Vineland Foundation, which is concerned with studying mental retardation, in 1906.

Varied interests of the founders of this science after several years to include the study of many types of psychological and mental disorders, however, has remained main concern based on diagnoses of mental functions, knowing clinical psychology that integrates important science, and existing theories, clinical knowledge, objective understanding of natural anxiety, tension , psychological pressures, as well as mental disorders and diseases, and the resulting dysfunction, and work to mitigate, and try to overcome them and resist through clinical examination, diagnosis, and treatment. [1]

Definition of clinical psychology

Clinical psychology for many definitions, and these definitions: [2] [3] [4]

Definition of Mustafa Kamel

Clinical psychology, a branch of psychology which is based on the results of numerous studies of psychology and other branches of basic and applied, and aims to take advantage of this access to understand and objectively determine; In order to raise the efficiency of clinical psychological services provided to psychiatric patients in several areas; Kaltchkas, forecasting, guidance, rehabilitation, counseling and treatment, and for the purpose of protection of persons from falling into the cases, the phenomena pathological, and the meaning of this definition is that the psychology of clinical is a branch of psychology, is interested in this section, the problems of personal compatibility, or is the application of the method of clinical diagnosis of an individual prediction and treatment.

Definition of Julian Rotter

Knew Julian Rotter clinical psychology in a broad sense, he said: (is the field on which the application of psychological principles underlying the basis of the interest in accordance psychometric individuals, which includes happiness problems of the individual, such as: feelings of discomfort, frustration, anxiety and tension, and the lack of convenience, and also includes the individual with others relationship, and the many demands of the society in which the individual lives, customs and objectives, and in view of this definition can be argued that this definition speaks of clinical psychology in general, and sets it apart from other other fields that are also interested in line psychometric total the individual, many with clinical psychology professions have participated this definition Bahtmamath, and professions overlap with this definition and that are interested in line psychological: the profession of a doctor mental illness, lawyer, social worker and specialist speech diseases, and the clergy, all these professions are interested in a particular way by an individual with special circumstances.

Definition of Louis Full Malika

Lewis cited a number of definitions of several important and explanations of the functions of psychology clinical, and these definitions are mentioned about this science, and that it is linked to the definition of psychology on the one hand and described as science, technology, and the profession, these three important significant aspects; Where each side of which depends on the other two sides in terms of growth and progress, but in also exist, break the word clinical is derived from a Greek word meaning (next to the patient's bed), then the evolution of the use of this word to become released on the study of the individual as an individual, in the sense that the examination and treatment of the patient is based on the symptoms that appear on it, and not on the grounds that the case of the many cases described by the references, this evolved word in the modern era to take new meanings and different from what it was in the past, became calling the outpatient clinic, while others clinical psychology to call the science that deals with patients and homosexuals only.

Field neighbor definition

Is a branch of psychology studying the compatibility of personal problems and its amendments, and in this definition, a statement that a specialist clinical psychology is the same as the world first class; However, it specializes in clinical psychology, and has what it takes this specialization of practical training in clinical situations; In the sense that the clinical psychology science and profession at the same time, it is different from other professions such as medicine and social service.

Definition of the American Psychological Association

American Psychological Association showed, an explanation of the mechanism of action of clinical psychology, as the mother told him the correct way specialist organization knowledge and personal nature of humanity to acquire, processing and preparation methods; To use this knowledge to improve the individual's actual situation. This definition is the definition of procedural clinical psychology, it shows that the basis of the application of science to the method of clinical in terms of diagnosis, prediction and treatment, Valo_khasaia psychological clinical uses the foundations, and Altknt, and procedures psychological, and many ways, who collaborates with specialists and other Ktabib, social worker and others in order to understand the personal dynamics that are working to treat, diagnose problems, and prediction about whether there is a possibility of the evolution of the situation, and the extent of its response to treatment, and thus reach the person to be treated to a better self-social consensus can be achieved.

The beginning of clinical psychology

It began clinical psychology or clinical in the nineteenth century; The study became a scientific well established in psychology, and was the beginning of it when he agreed world Witmer (Head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania) at the time a small child treatment complain of speech difficulties, and led treatment to the success of Witmer, which quickly pushed his success to the opening of the psychological clinic to him in 1896; Where the interest shown in helping young children who suffer from many difficulties eg difficulty learning, and ten years later, he founded Witmer's first scientific journal on this subject only, it is a specialized knowledge of clinical psychology, and at the beginning it was slow to respond to follow the path and approach Witmer; However, in 1914, it was in the United States 26 psychiatric clinic similar to the clinic Witmer, and so was the spread and practice of clinical psychology. [5]


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