Defects man Scorpio

Defects man Scorpio


It occupies Scorpio eighth ranking among the astronomical constellations which twelve towers numbering, and the owners of the tower are the ones who have their date of birth from 23 October to November 21, a family of water towers, and affects the whole of the planet Mars and Pluto, and symbolized by the Chinese pig , as is Alohmralgamq and the black color of the Oktralolon loved him, and cares Baloopal being a stone's luck, and symbolized in general Balakrb, is the Taurus from the opposite towers to him, and in this article we will learn more on the personality of a man Scorpio in terms of advantages and disadvantages and other things.

Personal Scorpio

  • Features man Scorpio: The personal Scorpio man of the characters brave, smart, ambitious, balanced, and love for adventure, emotional, stubborn, and always seek to uncover the truth persistently without surrender so as to get the best places and mattresses, and also the advantage that Secretive ie it preserves the secrets others are careful not exposed to any one, he also hates treason and treachery revealed his secrets, but for the work seeks a man Scorpio constantly to achieve the best achievements and stay in the foreground, as it is subject to and adheres much to the labor laws and ethics, which gives confidence and appreciation by employers, as that it has the ability to Legislators, organization and leadership creatively in the field of work.
  • Defects man Scorpio: is one of stubborn characters, jealous and controlling, dribbling, and curious, which is always seeking to know everything about the people who surround him, as he does not trust the others he is naturally skeptical, be aggressive and nervous and violent if criticism or harassment.
  • Things has a favorite: loves a man Scorpio telling the truth and not to lie, as always likes to be in the right category that is everything he says is true, and also loves his friends very much and seek to spend the most beautiful times with them.
  • Things have hated: Scorpio man hates lying, betrayal and treachery tower, and hates people who have a negative view of an ongoing and pessimistic in most things in life, and hates his secrets or exposing any matters relating to other people.
  • Favorite environment has: likes to sit in the dark and sensual places, he loves all things that are working to highlight his feelings and his energy and personality.

Famous Arab Scorpio

  • The late artist Wadih El Safi.
  • Singer Elissa.
  • Singer Samo Zein.
  • Singer Majed El Mohandes.
  • Actress Mona Zaki.
  • Singer Fayrouz.
  • The late artist morning.
  • Singer and actor Khaled Selim.
  • Singer Diana Haddad.
  • Singer Mai Selim.


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