Dates and milk diet in Ramadan

Dates and milk diet in Ramadan


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Lose weight

One of the biggest problems facing people who are looking for weight loss diets spread heterodox and popular, which holds every time a form and new name, which can not be based on sound scientific grounds. With the approach of the holy month of Ramadan is much talk about ways to exploit the month of Ramadan in the weight loss, which the facts are mixed with fads, and these diets that are discussed and promoted during the month of Ramadan and other diet dates and milk, so this article definition, diet creator and how aims distinguished and knowledge, as well as to clarify the correct way to lose weight.

Overweight and obesity

Before talking about healthy ways to lose weight, we must profile overweight and obesity, know where obesity fat accumulation in the body to the degree of conflict with health, and are diagnosed with both weight gain and obesity usually using the body mass index, which is calculated from the following equation: BMI body = body weight (kg) / height square Surface (m²), and are then compared with the result ratings table below, and the appropriate identification method for weight loss and obesity treatment based on health status and the level of weight gain experienced by the person, [1] for the treatment of nutritional , the loss of weight successful strategies combine a healthy diet that gives fewer calories than those that the body is burned daily, exercise aerobic exercise, and lifestyle modifications, as it always adopts a loss of weight gradually and targets logical and realistic weight loss medium, [2] and these principles and fundamentals differ in the month of Ramadan from other months.

Body Mass Index Ratings

The following table represents the body mass used classifications in the diagnosis of obesity and weight gain: [1]

Recipes diets heterodox

Attract diets heterodox a lot of people to it because of what promoted the loss of a great weight, which usually adopts targets exaggerated weight loss programs and food do not provide enough nutritional condition, which is full of tricks that work on the exploitation of the need and desire for the two big weight loss marketing her, what you should know is that many of these diets are hazardous to health, ranging effects of simple effects, such as headaches, nausea and dizziness, serious effects can reach in some cases to death, will be as follows mentioned some of the ways that enable the individual to find out what If the diet is one of these diets heterodox: [2]

  • The diet is a loss of significant weight in short periods of time, while the successful healthy diet adopt realistic goals and weight loss medium gradually.
  • To promote the diet of the diet is unbalanced or very low in calories; Where you diet is not less than about 1,200 calories for women and 1,500 calories for men, and must be sufficient and appropriate proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals through diversification amount given food and inclusion of all food groups, and in the case of restricted diet specific and limited types of food, it means they are often wrong diet and unhealthy.
  • The diet is mainly dependent on drinks or liquids instead of solid food, while the correct diet should provide food commensurate with the person's environment, culture and Otamth favorite commensurate with his physical.
  • That deliberately diet to make the consumer depends on special products, while the right diet education Mtbaaha how to do good and proper nutritional choices of foods available to them.
  • These diets fail to stimulate action and realistic changes continuously in lifestyle in the long run, while the correct and healthy diets aimed at trying to instill the correct behaviors, practice sports to burn 300 calories a day at least, for example, adjust the nutritional habits wrong radically changed the long-term.
  • Some of these programs are responsible for appointing their sales expert to provide advice related to the system for people, and considers this method is incorrect and inappropriate whatever the level of training and education of that person; Because of the conflict is clear in the goal of providing the right nutritional advice when the person who provided also responsible for sales.
  • These programs may require a substantial amount of money at the beginning followed in order to compel the person to continue them, or to work on a contract between them and the consumer, while tracking the correct diets partial payment system, which is associated with each step.
  • These diets deliberately avoid clarifying the risks of weight loss or any consequences that may ensue followed, and in return must be the definition of a person from the beginning rates the success of the diet long-term, and the proportions of people who fail them and abandon them, the negative effects that can result from follow, even if the chances of these simple effects.
  • Some of these diets are shopping for weight loss products; Where science has not been proven to have an active role in it, such as hormone gonadotropin chorionic, diuretics, inhibitors digest carbohydrates, belts sauna and other than the body is packing it, and the practice of negative sport, therapy Chinese acupuncture, dietary supplements of amino acids and others.
  • Of the most important qualities of diets heterodox they fail to maintain weight loss after the end of the program period.

Diet yogurt and dates

Apply to the diet of milk and dates in Ramadan and other many recipes diets heterodox that have been talked about above, they are in low mostly calories dramatically, as they are limited to simple food, and do not believe in all the daily needs of all food groups, a non-diversified and balanced sufficiency does not provide nutrition, as they often depend on the goal of a limited range and are grown radical changes in lifestyle, so they fail to maintain the weight loss that can result from them after the completion of the follow, so they are considered one of the diets popular, which is not supported by science and check the conditions of diets.


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